Chundo Head
Chundo Head
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Alive
Professional Info
Affiliation Heavenly Way School
Occupation Heavenly Way School Munju
Martial Arts
Master Chundomoon Great Master (Deceased)
Student So-Chun Hyuk
So Jung Chan (Deceased)
Style Heavenly Way School
Rank Real Master
Manhwa Debut
Part 2 Chapter 183 (NW)

He is the munju of Chundomoon (Heavenly Way School.


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Chundo Head is very wise and care about the members of his school understanding everyone around him.


Thirty ago Chundo Head was challenged by a fellow member Jae-gal for the title of Munju. After the fight was over Chundo Head gained the title of Munju. Sometime later He learned of a genius in the breach school named So-Chun Hyuk and brought him to the main school and naming him Assistant-Leader.


He didn't appear

Pre-Breaker New WavesEdit

After So-Chun returned to the main house informing him and So-Jung about what he has learned for the world and the Nine Arts Dragon. Asking if the Nine Arts Dragon is special and hearing that he delay because he went to see his former disciple. So-Chun remembering his named shocking him that he unexpectly remember his name. So-Chun went on with he is on long able to use martial arts because of his Ki-Center was destroyed and though he could have been a worthy rival. Chundo Head surprised that he would call him a rival since Shi-Woon is on long an Murim a different person can be his rival like his older brother So-Jung. Even tho So-Chun never though of him like a rival, and only told them that Shi-Woon was a special child.


  • Real Master: Chundo Head has been the head of Heavenly Way School over Thirty years after he defeated Jae-gal.
  • Heavenly Way Style: Chundo Head is very skilled in the Heavenly Way style of fighting even tho he has been seen fighting it is known that he managed to defeat Jae-gal in the past.

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