Techniques & Abilities


  • Real Master Martial Artist (Black Heaven and Earth Style and Nine Arts): As the holder of the title Goomoonryong and the head practitioner of the Black Heaven and Earth Technique, Chun-Woo is one of the most powerful martial artists of his time. His power is known and revered by many people both outside and inside the Murim-in, including all but one master shown so far.[1] He can kick a motorcycle moving at high speed, causing the rider to loose control and crash. He is effortlessly capable of taking on 10+ bikers on their motorcycles.[2] He is capable of containing all of his Simgichehon in his movements. In doing so he can destroy all of his opponents determination. Such a blow can break large boulder with ease.[3] He has proven himself able to do battle with the Martial Arts Alliance alone, single-handedly killing and maiming many masters and elites, one after the other. After fighting four Munjus and numerous elites, suffering from Ki depletion, a broken arm, and being shot, Chun-Woo fought and killed two more Munjus, fought and subdued So-Chun Hyuk and his three protectors, dispatched the Alliance Chief, and did battle with Kang-Sung. Later on in the New Waves Chun-Woo was able to easily overpowered Kang-Sung once he rendered the former's Tai Chi Reflection Technique useless by sending him off the ground. Chun-Woo also held his own and nearly killed Jae-Kyu Kwon of the Ten Grandmasters of Murim, who admitted that his skills and the rumor, about him were true, if it weren't for Shi-Woon's intervention (albeit the elder was severely injured from his fight with Jae-gal thus had the use of only his left arm and his ki network was ruptured by the S.U.C.'s bomb). After that Chun-Woo fought both another one of the Ten Grand Masters, Ju Sang-Sik and Kang-Sung and manged to hold himself against them, thought it should be noted that the Grand Master was weakened from using too much Ki to heal Kang-Sung who was still recovering from his critical injuries. Even when it was seemed he was being pushed back by his former disciple, Shi-Woon who went through the Overhaul Rebirth, which was said would make him reach a level beyond Chun-Woo and became the strongest in the Murim, while using the Black Origin Threshold, though it should be noted that he was not fighting seriously, he easily managed to subdue him by breaking both arms and legs. According to Kang-Sung Chun-Woo reached the level of the Ghostly Doctor which mean that his level is that of one of the Ten Grand Masters of the Murim.
  • Immense Agility: Due to the natural strengthening of his body from years of Ki circulation Chun-Woo has supernatural Agility. He is agile enough to fall from a height of 4-5 stories while holding Shi-Woon and still land on the ground safely. While he and Shi-Woon were safe the car they landed on was destroyed.[4] He has also shown a superman-esque ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound and doing so while one of his legs is hurt.[5] Lastly, he has also show the ability to effortlessly flip and jump around a fight using most surfaces.[6] He is able to dodge three bullet from Jung Lae Won and attack without him noticings him coming.
  • Immense Strength: Chun-Woo has shown great strength numerous times throughout the series during many fights. Another example of his strength can be found in his disciple Shi-Woon. Shi-Woon has blown apart doors of reinforced glass with a single punch after fighting for hours. As Shi-Woon's master it stands to reason that such acts would be child's play for him.[4]
  • Immense Speed: Chun-Woo demonstrated incredible speed during the series as shown when he chased the one who followed Alex on foot while the former was inside a speeding car. Also, he managed to kill two real masters who could not react to his speed. Recently he managed to dogged three bullets which was fired on him while his guards was down and the it was so close to him. He managed to keep up with Elder Kwon's speed though the Elder was hurt and could not use his Ki probably.
  • Internal Energy Transference: He is extremely skilled as he is able to do internal energy transfers for hours while others would only be capable of maintaining it for a few minutes.[7]



  • Shoryuken: it is not an actual technique of Chun-Woo but more of a simple punch he used and named while having fun beating some street thugs.[8]

Black Heaven & Earth SchoolEdit

  • Black Heaven and Earth Technique: A special Ki circulation technique passed down to Un-Wol by his master. Un-Wol in turn taught Chun-Woo who then taught Shi-Woon. This technique was aggressively sought after by the former head of the Martial Arts Alliance.
  • Black Origin Threshold: This technique is the height of skill for the Black Heaven and Earth Technique. Chun-Woo used it against the entire Martial Arts Federation once he was backed into a corner and saw Shi-Ho killed. Its not known exactly if Chun-Woo purposefully initiated this technique or if it is a result of getting lost in rage, but either way Chun-Woo was essentially invincible while using it as he had already been thoroughly beaten and tired out not to mention being shot. Even with these injuries he managed to take on some of the most powerful fighters the Murim had to offer including the genius So-Chun Hyuk and Sammoonryong. The only thing that eventually stopped him was his beloved disciple pleading with him to stop. It was said that while using the Black Origin Threshold he lost all of his martial form and attacked more like a wild animal
  • Chaotic Heavens Destruction Strike (Hon Cheon Meol Gyuk): It is the most powerful technique of the Black Heaven & Earth School. It belongs to the Rising Fist Arts and, hence, the user must take three steps back to execute the technique.[9]
  • Heavenly Exploding Penetration Strike (하나님 폭발 침투 스트라이크): A powerful strike punch that is thrown when circling around the opponent's attack. This technique is so powerful that Jae-Kyu Kwon (a one of the Ten Grand Masters) was unable to block and thus had to dodge though he was in a heavily injured state and had his Ki network ruptured.

Nine ArtsEdit

  • Dragon Claw Punch (Kwonjiryong): traditionally belonging to the Iron Fist School. It is one of the techniques that Chun-Woo Han took in the Shinmujengpe (Martial Arts Championship) in order to become the Nine Arts Dragon.
  • Dragon Staff Strike (Bongjiryong): traditionally belonging to the Hogi Clan. It is one of the techniques that Chun-Woo Han took in the Shinmujengpe (Martial Arts Championship) in order to become the Nine Arts Dragon.
  • Raising Sage Leg (Gakjiryong): traditionally belonging to the Te-Ul. It is one of the techniques that Chun-Woo Han took in the Shinmujengpe (Martial Arts Championship) in order to become the Nine Arts Dragon.
  • Dragon Step (Dabjiryong):  It is one of the techniques that Chun-Woo Han took in the Shinmujengpe (Martial Arts Championship) in order to become the Nine Arts Dragon.
  • Dragon Ki (Kijiryong): It is one of the techniques that Chun-Woo Han took in the Shinmujengpe (Martial Arts Championship) in order to become the Nine Arts Dragon.
  • Dragon Stealth (Tujiryong): It is one of the techniques that Chun-Woo Han took in the Shinmujengpe (Martial Arts Championship) in order to become the Nine Arts Dragon.


  • Soul-Crushing Strike: The signature technique of Chun-Woo. An inner power technique in which the practitioner circulates Ki through the body and releases it through the fist while simultaneously executing a punch. It requires large Ki reserves for extended use and the ability to synchronize the release of Ki with the movement of the body.[6]
  • Walking Techniques: Inner power techniques utilized by circulating ki to the ankle and synchronizing the flow of Ki with the physical movement of stepping, to initiate a foot technique. He has astounding skill in these techniques.[10]
  • Full Body Barrier (Hwanhwan Shinbo): A defensive-offensive technique where the back, turned toward the opponent, is protected by a large circular distribution of Ki resembling a shield. Opponents who come in contact with the Ki are forcefully sent flying backwards.[11]
  • Focus Stomp (Jinwongak): The practitioner uses one leg to stomp their target. The technique is capable of literally crushing concrete and cutting through flesh and bone. Chun-Woo used this technique on Gi-Ju Song's left hand to desperately escape Gijoo Song's Strong Metal Binding.
  • Cry of the Phoenix (Bong Hwang Hu): A sound technique that allows Chun-Woo to let out a sonic scream that is so powerful it can deafen those nearby and its force is so great that it can cause severe turbulence for a helicopter.[12]


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