• Un-Wol (Deceased) Chun-Woo was his second student after Ryuji. Chun-Woo Han in his youth serached for him in the wilderness and begged him to teach him martial arts. It is shown that both student and master had a very powerful bond and Chun-Woo in particular had great admiration and love for his master. Vice versa Un-Wol killed himself in order to spare his disciple from punishment and reprisals from the Alliance. After his death it was due to this close bond that Chun-Woo would swear vengence against the Alliance.

Friends and AlliesEdit

  • Black Forest Defence : He Joined Black Forest Defence to avenge his master and doesn't know that Black Forest Defence was behind Shi-Ho's "death". It appears that while he is part of the group, he has shown to have a great deal of animosity in this group. This is seen when he ruthlessly slaughtered all of their captains in their bid to kill him. As a result he took command of many of their soldiers.
  • Soldiers Under Command: Due to the organization wanting to join forces with the Black Forest Defence, they pledged themselves to Chun-Woo Han as his disciples by declaring as God. Chun-Woo was only amused by their imitations as his disciples and jokingly wondered if they can conquer Seoul for him. When he willingly gave up his memories so he wouldn't be haunted by Shi-Ho's "death", he acted rather violent towards despite their intentions of serving under him. When he regained his memories, he had So Jung Chan and Shi-Woon fight so as to determine whether or not to press the bomb detonator.
  • Sophia: Chun-Woo Han has great trust in skill and friendship. Trusting her with his pills and past history of against Alliance.

Former RomancesEdit

  • Bae Yoonji : Chun-Woo was flirting with Bae Yoonji because of her sexy appearance but he skipped and left during their dates resulting in her hatred towards him.
  • Shi-Ho Lee : She become his comrade when he joined Black Forest Defence and they worked together in the mission of getting So-Sul. They had feelings for each other but neither one confessed considering the way the live. They confessed their feelings a while before they got separated due to Shi-Ho's death. 


  • Martial Arts Alliance: Chun-Woo Han has great hatred for the MAA for they were the cause of his master to pass away.
    • Kang-Sung: Kang-Sung is the second person who can go one on one with him. Kang-Sung is also the only one within the Alliance to attempt to understand Chun-Woo Han's character. However when the latter mocked the traditions of the master and disciple relationship of the Murim, Kang-Sung finally had enough and proceeded to declare Chun-Woo Han as an incomprehensible existence and prepared to battle him to the death.
    • Former Alliance Chief: Former Chief is the first person who can go toe to toe against him. Former Chief is the main person who cause him to destroy Alliance. Because of killing his Master and not kepting his word to free he's master from the cave.
    • Shi-Woon Yi: He reminded him of his former master Un-Wol, Chun-Woo accepted Shi-Woon as his student and begin taught him Soul-Crushing Strike, Walking Techniques, Focus Stomp, Chaotic Heavens Destruction Strike, and the final technique Black Heaven and Earth Technique and form Black Origin Threshold. Their relationship grew in part of Chun-Woo seeing his master in Shi-Woon and the debt and gratitude that Shi-Woon felt towards him. When Shi-Woon was taken hostage and having him make a chose to either his life or Shi-Woon he destroyed Shi-Woon's Ki-center as Shi-Woon was in the same situation as he was in when his master died. For him this was done to spare Shi-Woon of the pain of losing a master. Before breaking his Ki-center he also disowned Shi-woon as his student to ensure that reprisals from different schools wouldn't kill him. After seeing him within Murim world and become angry. Tell him to get out of his sight turning his back to him. After seeing him use his skills and what he has learning since he had fixing his Ki-center telling him to go against So Jung Chan in a one on one fight. When Shi-Woon's fight with interrupted by Elder Kwon over the bomb detonator, Chun-Woo proceeded to fight his former disciple down and lecturing him on his inexperience as a fighter though Shi-Woon admitted it. And asked to become his disciple once again and allowing him to escape from the Alliance. When Elder Kwon saw this, he concluded that Shi-Woon values his master's life more than his own and that he would forever be trapped in his in former master's shadow. Upon this conclusion, the elder disobeyed the order to stand down and engaged Chun-Woo Hand again and allowed himself to be killed. This incident finally shattered Chun-Woo and Shi-Woon's master and disciple relationship. Chun-Woo then attempted to calm Shi-Woon down after seeing him used Cry of the Phoenix and the activing Black Origin Threshold in grief of Elder Kwon's death and asked if he stilled believe in him. Shi-Woon begins to think back to the events of when he met his master and what led to his departure before finally declaring in his mind that he can no longer believe in his former master. Afterwards Shi-Woon proceeded to attack Chun-Woo and angrily referred to him as Nine Arts Dragon instead of teacher in the same manner as Chun-Woo's enemies and those that see him as a villain in the Murim. However, Chun-Woo didn't go all out against Shi-Woon and Kaiser realized that Chun-Woo was hiding the existence of Shi-Woon from him. Realizing that he can't reason with Shi-Woon anymore he proceeded attack him by breaking both arms and legs in order to stop his rampage and threatened to kill him if Kang-Sung intervened and had even used him as a bargaining tool to obtain the helicopter the elders were in. This shows that just as how Shi-Woon no longer believes in him, he too has forsaken Shi-Woon. Later on it's revealed that Chun-Woo is happy to see him within Murim and waiting for him to come to the level that he is in. This implies that Chun-Woo had threatened to kill Shi-Woon in an attempt to drive Kaiser's attention away from his former disciple whom he had figured out was watching the entire fight after Elder Kwon declared that the detonator he held would blow up the park they were in.

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