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The Breaker

Chun-Woo Han goes to the Nine Dragons High School as the replacement teacher of Im Jung Im. There, after peeping on the girls' changing room, notices Shi-Woon Yi being bullied and after the bullies leave he approaches asking for directions to the teachers' office while teasing Shi-Woon for allowing the bullying. Later he introduces himself as the new teacher and after noticing Shi-Woon he starts teasing him again. At some point, Chang-ho shouts at him to start the lesson and after giving him a serious glare Chun-Woo pretends to chicken out and continues the lesson. Later at night, he is attacked for running from a bar instead of paying and pretends to be scared but ends up beating them all effortlessly while messing around.[1]

Chun-Woo is seated in the teachers' office when the Vice Principal starts scolding him for his fashion. Using the bell as an excuse he flees. Outside he is stopped by the Ethics Teacher Bae Yoonji who complements him for standing up to the Vice Principal. After remembering who she is, Chun-Woo starts flirting with her. Later on, on the school's roof, Chun-Woo plays with Bae Yoonji when Shi-Woon storm out and approaches the end of the roof without noticing them. While Shi-Woon considers committing suicide Bae Yoonji leaves the roof and Chun-Woo angered kicks Shi-Woon off the roof. Shi-Woon hangs from the handrails while Chun-Woo makes him promise not to try something like that again. When he attempts to bring Shi-Woon up the handrails break and both start to fall. While Shi-Woon faints, Chun-Woo grabs him and jumps from the wall on the Vice Principal's car, wrecking it. He wonders why he saved him but ends up leaving him on a bench and runs happily thinking that he can use the roof without problems from the on.[2]

Chun-Woo flirts with Bae Yoonji when he overhears the Vice Principal talk about closing the roof. He complains insulting his car driving the Vice Principal to attack him. After escaping with the help of another teacher he comments on his killing intent. His then receives a phone call from his boss asking about the situation which seems to be bad. He is instructed to stay concealed for a month, then they hang up and Chun-Woo comments about his one month left to stay there. He walk down the corridor holding on the walls when he accidentally touches Sae-Hee's chest surprising her. He apologizes but she ignores the incident and keeps walking. He remembers the feel and and rejoices about his work there when Bae Yoonji appears, comments on his rejoice irritated and walks away while Chun-Woo runs after her.[3]

Chun-Woo continues the flirting to Bae Yoonji in order to get another chance and forgive him for standing her up the other day. After that Shi-Woon asks to talk to him, he thanks him and asks him if he really is a martial artist; apparently that's the only reasonable way to survive the incident. The Principle appears apologising for his behaviour but Chun-Woo avoids him stating that he has to talk with Shi-Woon about global issues. Escaping from the principal it's Shi-Woon's turn to black mail Chun-Woo in order to teach him martial arts. Chun-Woo, desperately crashes the mobile aiming to destroy the evidence of his skills and the beating to the thugs, however Shi-Woon has backup... Continuing Shi-Woon cries asking for help but Chun-Woo more or less denies to help a coward and points out that because of his cowardly behaviour he is alone.[4]

Chun-Woo finishes some paper work in the teacher's office and tries to leave with Bae-Yoonji but is caught the Vice Principal. He shows Chun-Woo a pile of papers he has pushed back and forces him to finish them within the same day, while scolding him for his behaviour and appearance. He finishes his work the same night and exits the office. He calls Bae-Yoonji and arranges a date with her for the same night and proceeds to leave. As he walks away he remembers that jumping over the gym is faster. As he does that he sees Shi-Woon unconscious and beaten up. As he tries to ignore him and walk away he listens to his sleep talk showing that he gains courage and looks back at him.[5]

After taking him into a storage he is surprised by Shi-Woon's sudden awakening. He tries to leave by praising Shi-Woon's new-found resolve when Shi-Woon requests to be taught martial arts by threatening him with the video of his fight. Chun-Woo tries to scare him by taking him on a bridge and asking him to show his resolve by jumping off. If he can't risk his life the he can't be taught. When Shi-Woon jumps off he is surprised but tries to ignore him and woke away. The people around notice Shi-Woon in the water which forces him to help him. When Shi-Woon wakes up in the hospital Chun-Woo is forced to admit to teach him after hearing that he is the only person Shi-Woon can believe in. As he walks out he wonders if Shi-Woon realises the seriousness of his words and thinks that he is forgetting something (Bae Yoonji).[6]

Trying to explain to Bae Yoonji the reason he stood her up, Bae Yoonji decides not to listen to his excuses. Alone on a rooftop, regretting getting in trouble for helping Shi-Woon Yi. Suddenly, a man from behind appears calling him Goomoonryong. The main proclaims that Chun-Woo Han is responsible for the current disastrous meaning that this name holds. Chun-Woo Han denies what the man said and he passes him in order to leave the rooftop. However the man doesn't accept that and attacks him. After the evading the attack, Chun-Woo Han uses a Walking Techniques and tries to attack the man, until pushing him against the door. Questioning if the man was sent by Hak Jang Song. The man laughs with Chun-Woo Han asking again who is he. He then he sees that the man has breasts and removes his face, revealing a woman under disguise.[7]

Breaker New Waves


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