Chun-Woo Han
Personal Info
Korean 한천우
Romanized Han Cheonu
Nickname Nine Arts Dragon
Demon King of Terror
Age 30
Gender Male
Status Active
Professional Info
Affiliation Murim
Black Forest Defence
Ex-Occupation English Teacher
Operates in Murim
Normal Society
Martial Arts
Master Un-Wol (deceased)
Student Shi-Woon Yi (expelled)
Style Black Heaven & Earth
Nine Arts
Rank Beyond
Manhwa Debut
Part 1 Chapter 1 (The Breaker)
Part 2 Chapter 1 (NW)

Chun-Woo Han, as Shi-Woon's master, was a dynamic and influential character in The Breaker. As an important enemy of Murim who wants to destroy the alliance, he is an important but secondary protagonist in New Waves who follows Shioon's path.

He is commonly known as the Goomoonryong (lit. Nine Arts Dragon), and was the teacher of main protagonist Shi-Woon Yi before officially expelling him. Chun-Woo is also the conqueror of all nine seats of power, earning him the title of Goomoonryong and is regarded to be the strongest martial artist under the heavens.  



Chun-Woo is only seen a few times before the events of The Breaker.  As a young child first learning from Un-Wol he wore simple outfits consisting of t-shirts and shorts. As an adult he is shown only wearing Do-Bok or fighting clothes. It should be noted that he was only shown during or directly after matches in the Shinmujengpe so this likely does not reflect his day to day tendencies at that time. 

The BreakerEdit

He has been seen wearing clothes that range from very casual to more formal suit attire.  His standard clothing choice is a t-shirt with an open button-up shirt over it and pants, or shorts for more casual situations.  He has also been seen wearing plain shirts.  When he is out on dates he seems adopt a higher class of clothing switching to suits and vests but not quite reaching the dress code of most Murim. Others have commented that he is fairly handsome. For the majority of Part 1 he wore a cast that covered most of his right arm keeping it bent at a right angle. This was due to injuries sustained during a battle with Gijoo Song. Due to his penchant for smoking he is also often seen with a lit cigarette in his mouth, even during battle.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

Within New Waves he's has shown to wear a full black suit attire for the first time, similar to the fashion of Murim. His first appearance shows him wearing a suit jacket with no shirt but later appearances show him with a button-up underneath. He is also seen with guard-less sword more often than not. This change in clothing may be what he normally wears when not undercover or it could be symbolic of him adopting the ruthlessness of the Murim society completely.

In a flashback Sophia said that Chun-Woo body changed in a way, but it was not revealed how or what was the effect.



In the scenes shown before the story line of The Breaker Chun-Woo seems to have a generally happy attitude when training with his master. He was also already exhibiting his trademark stubbornness. Something not seen later on in the series is Chun-Woo's doubt. When first learning martial arts from his master he does not understand what he is doing wrong when he uses his strength to hurt others. Even before the death of his master Chun-Woo already shows a tendency of disrespect towards other Murimins taunting them and making a mockery of those he defeats thought it seem that the only person he ever respected was his own master. This likely comes from his feeling that his master has been mistreated. It could also stem from being on the receiving end of discrimination from the Martial Arts Alliance.

The BreakerEdit

Chun-Woo is generally laid back and something of a womaniser describing particularly attractive ladies as, "too good to let go." Much of the time he exhibits an easygoing attitude, taking frequent breaks from teaching to smoke on the roof or flirt with women. He has shown himself to be charismatic with ladies, demonstrated when he convinced a fellow teacher go out on a date with him after standing her up twice. He also proved charismatic with others, proven when he unintentionally caused Shi-Woon to follow him.  Contrary to his god-like physical condition, he has a bad habit of smoking, however, he did stop when berated by Shi-Woon who told him that girls wouldn't like him if he smoked. 

I believe it! That Sunsengnim is absolutely not a bad person!
— Shi-Woon about his master.

While fighting, he can become very aggressive and cruel to his enemies. He has no problems with killing or torture and can, at times, take pleasure in it. His fighting style reflects his brutal and merciless attitude, showing him destroying opponents by outclassing them with superior abilities and often insulting them during a fight.  When not dealing with people he cares about or has some sort of positive relationship with, he is generally offensive, constantly spewing insults and wearing a snide expression. For a time, this began to change as Shi-Woon- and the way he reminded Chun-Woo of his master- affected him. After Shi-Ho's death, however, he has regressed completely and become more sadistic and brutal than ever.

His violent tendencies arise whenever he is dealing with someone from the Murim, or more specifically, the Martial Arts Alliance. Against the Martial Arts Alliance he has been shown to be even more aggressive, often promising to destroy anyone involved in his master's death. When one of the more reasonable members of the Martial Arts Alliance proposed a truce, he shot it down, laughing at her and accusing her of being afraid. 

It is also made abundantly clear through flashbacks and internal dialogue that Chun-Woo is harboring a large amount of grief over his past and particularly his master's death. This grief is what drives him to hate the Martial Arts Alliance and ultimately "expel" Shi-Woon.  He seems to think that death is a better fate than living with the death of one's master.  Some have theorized that Chun-Woo did not intend to kill Shi-Woon.  In which case he would see exile from martial arts as better then the life he lives. Either way, it is clear that he has very real feelings of self-hate and regret which he manages through humour and rage.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

When he reappeared in New Waves that he has given up all restraint and value in the lives of others. He is willing to slaughtered large groups of both Murim and non-Murim people leaving the carnage behind without any regret. 

He is still exhibiting his care-free attitude, not caring who follows him. He has made light of being given the city of Seoul as a present. He still have his charismatic leadership skills as the entire S.U.C. are controlled simply through videos and sound clips of him. He has also won the hearts of the Black Forest Defence Group and they now follow him as well.

While being drugged by Sophia in order to protect him for the past months.

Later, it was revealed that it's not the Ma-Hwan drug that he is taken and it was Chun-Woo himself who has taken the drug out of his own free will in order to forget about Shi-Ho as her death was haunting him. However, due to him stopping taking the drug his memory returned. Sophia described Chun-Woo as kindred soul instead of being really strong and this is why he is always end up being put into situation that puts him in danger.

Chun-Woo expressed great anger from seeing Shi-Woon still in the Murim indicating that the theory about Chun-Woo trying to free him from the Murim by breaking his Ki Center to be true. Though it didn't change anything of his plans to destroy Seoul as he was willing to press the button to do it. After killing Elder Kwon and seeing Shi-Woon activating the Black Origin Threshold he tries to calm him, but when this fails and he stops holding back, he is seen to have no problem with beating and stepping on Shi-Woon's head and calling him a weakling. When asked by Kang-Sung if he really is intending on killing his only disciple, he replies by reminding him that Shi-Woon is no longer his disciple (hinting that he has completely forsaken Shi-Woon just like Shi-Woon no longer believes in Chun-Woo by now). Later, while Chun-Woo is escaping with his team, it is revealed that he is actually happy to see Shi-woon become strong and remind him of the days he spent with Shiho.


  • Courage is the mindset of not surrendering even if you lack the strength!
  • Would you quit your whining? 'Cuz its really embarrassing. (Coming out of the Black Origin Threshold)
  • What you want to learn, it's something from another world that normal people cannot understand.
  • In order to learn you may have to risk your live. . . no, even your soul.
  • "Both disciple and master are absolute morons." - Takeshi in reference to Chun-Woo and Shi-Woon
  • "You must throw away the notion of survival while fighting him." - Hak Jang Song to Kang-Sung
  • Are you saying that this is my. . . no, Goomoonryong's limit!?
  • "He's a mouse trapped in a corner and still he dares to show me those eyes. . ." - Former Alliance Chief


  • Chun-Woo described his involvement with the Black Forest Defence as a deal with the devil and he have no problem with it as long as he fulfill his revenge.
  • With the death of Elder Kwon, Chun-Woo has killed two men whom their granddaughter developed a romantic interest for his former disciple, Shi-Woon.
  • Ironically, The colour black seems to be a trademark for Chun-Woo as he is seen to wear black suits most of the time in New Waves, he is part of the Black Forest Defense and the head practitioner of the Black Heaven & Earth as he belonged to the Black Heaven & Earth School.