Chapter 9
New Waves
NW Chapter 009
Release Date December 18, 2010
Volume 1
Cover Sera Kang's tea table
Pages 20
Chapter 8
Chapter 10

Chapter 9 is the 9th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.


  • Ji-gun realaved to Jin-ie that Sera had grudge against Shi-Woon because her grandfather was killed by Han Chun-woo.


Shi-Woon Yi follows the men escorting him, until he reaches the rooftop. At the top a woman awaited him and invites him for tea. Her name is Sera Kang. Entranced into the atmosphere Shi-Woon enjoys the tea and is very surprised, when Sera states, he is enjoying the last cup of his life.

Meanwhile Jin-Ie Kwon is kept busy by Ji-Gun Yoo. After showing Jin-Ie that she can not defeat him, Ji-Gun plays a question and answer game with her, telling her that he had only to hold her up one more minute for a total requested time of twenty minutes. He in turn wants to know, whether she is part of the S.U.C.. Jin-Ie is a bit surprised, since she never even heard of the term, but doesn't hesitate to ask, what is happening to Shi-Woon. Upon hearing he has to die, she starts a fierce attack on Ji-Gun, but still gets hit instead.

She manages to reach the wall of the building and starts jumping upwards. Ji-Gun having fulfilled the full time lets her proceed. On the roof Shi-Woon is lying in front of the table with the tea while Sera sits behind.



Debut Regular Flashback Mentioned
  • Kang Oh-jung
  • Han Chun-woo


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