Chapter 99
New Waves
NW Chapter 099
Release Date December 28, 2012
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Pages 28
Chapter 98
Chapter 100

Chapter 99 is 99th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



Shi-Woon Yi believes he his find way to resolve the current situation. He asks Ji-Gun Yoo to to buy him some time, and starts to run away. Shi-Woon phones Jang-Il Jeong and asks to meet him near a bench closest to the school. As Shi-Woon starts to get away Ryuji tells Ha-ru to get after him. Ji-Gun goes to strike Ha-ru, Ryuji intervenes and stops the attack. As Shi-Woon reaches to the edge of the roof, he jumps over the rail and into the mid-air. He yells to Jang-Il to catch him. As Ha-ru tries to lure him back in with her whip, Shi-Woon counters the expected attack with a inner Ki strike. Shi-Woon starts to panic as he falls downward. As he falls Jang-Il catches him. He is then surprised he was caught. Jang-Il checks if he is alright then lectures him about his rash decision. Students of nine dragons high school begin to notice notices and ask their teacher about it. The teacher begins to remember a discussion from a previous teachers meeting, we was told not to let any students leave class. Shi-Woon then informs Jang-Il and the Sun-Woo Clan members about S.U.C. Ji-Gun then mocks S.U.C as they was unable to catch Shi-Woon. Ha-ru then declares the party begins now and pulls something our of her jacket. Kwon-Young compliments the Sun-Woo Clan fighting style as it is fast with precise movements. He thanks Ha-Ill as he will most likely be using a similar context of martial arts. Ha-Ill asks if he toyed with him to observe Sun-Woo Clan martial arts. Kwon-Young goes to respond until he receives a text informing him the Sun-Woo Clan had arrived. As Sun-Woo Clan assumes his joke is over. Kwon-Young tells him they were waiting for the Sun-Woo Clan to arrive. Ha-Ill looks on with shock. Jang-Il asks Shi-Woon if would of escaped, he brushes it off as unlikely to have happened. Sera phones Shi-Woon as screams for him to get away. An Explosion at Nine Dragons High School, is then seen. Surprised by explosion Kwon-Young stabs a distracted Ha-Ill with his knife, and tells him the one he wishes to fight is the Sun-Woo Clan.



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