Chapter 98
New Waves
NW Chapter 098
Release Date December 21, 2012
Cover S.U.C. Captains
Pages 17
Chapter 97
Chapter 99

Chapter 98 is 98th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



S.U.C. prepare to take on Shi-Woon by surrounding him. Shi-Woon tries to stop them by reminding them of Chang-Ho's fate by using his powers. Ha-ru claims they never persuaded him over. Unable to believe her words he tries to explain how the power of Goomoonryong shouldn't be used for evil. Ha-ru believing he is full of himself, wraps her whip around his neck, telling him him to show his masters powers. Ji-Gun then arrives by cutting her whip, saving Shi-Woon. As Shi-Woon others to work together, Ji-Gun declines, telling him to find away to escape Jang-Il Jeong phones Shi-Woon about his location as he enter the school yard. Ji-Gun questions him about Jang-Il's arrival, after confirming it, he tells him to escape. Ryuji then tells Ha-ru to gather to escape, after attempting to question him. He tells her they have wasted to much time. Ryuji then warns Ji-Gun to move or die. He then hits him with a powerful technique. Stunned by his power Shi-Woon & Ha-ru look on with shock, after seeing Ji-Gun stroke away he turns to see, Ryuji about to strike him. Ji-Gun then fends him back off, by attempting to use his sword. As Ji-Gun tells him, he is the centre of the attack. He begins to plan a way to end it all.



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