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Chapter 97
New Waves
NW Chapter 097
Release Date December 15, 2012
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Pages 20
Chapter 96
Chapter 98

Chapter 97 is 97th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



Shi-Woon tightly holds his friend. As Ryuji approaches, he is unable to move. Chang-ho then tells to leave him alone, as he is the one to finish him off. Shi-Woon then begins to run. Ha-ru then praises Chang-ho's courage. Ryuji asks if he is thinking about playing around. Ha-ru then questions their time restraint. Ryuji asks she is trying to say, as she begins to feel intimidated. Chang-ho begins to attack Shi-Woon asking him to fight him. Shi-Woon continues to dodge Chang-Ho's attacks. Ha-ru questions his ability to dodge the attacks and the rumours about his Ki Centre. Shi-Woon notices Chang-ho's appearance is changing he asks him to stop. Chang-ho refuses to listen and continues to attack. Shi-Woon stops as a mash of blood comes from Chang-ho. Chang-ho questions him what he is staring, and attacks again. Chang-ho goes to punch Shi-Woon but he grabs his fist and tells him to stop, otherwise he might die. Shi-Woon then strikes Chang-ho finishing him off. As Shi-Woon hurries to check his condition, S.U.C. stand over him and begin to mock him. Shi-Woon then starts to become angry.



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