Chapter 96
New Waves
NW Chapter 096
Release Date December 7, 2012
Cover Sera Kang
Pages 22
Chapter 95
Chapter 97

Chapter 96 is 96th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



Shi-Woon Yi blocks Chang-ho's attack. Shi-Woon starts to struggle believing he is unable to hold out any longer in the battle. As Shi-Woon hits the floor Pi-Ha rushes over to make sure he is ok. Shi-Woon tells him he is fine since he intentionally made the fall seem hard, and that he should stay close as he plans to create an opening for them to escape.

Shi-Woon gets back up and Chang-ho is surprised to see him standing. Chang-ho rushes over towards Shi-Woon. Shi-Woon moves to the side, but Chang-ho still manages to strike him. As Shi-Woon goes to fall he manages to stop himself. Shi-Woon then encourages to attack him again. As Chang-ho goes to strike him, Shi-Woon dodges the incoming attacks, causing Chang-ho to strike his fellow S.U.C. members.

Ha-ru watches on and analyzes Shi-Woon's tactics. She notices that he pulls back at the moment of impact of the Ki-strike to avoid the damage. Seeing his skill she comments on the information about Shi-Woon saying that although they know that he is an amateur, seeing him display such skill suggests otherwise.

Back to Ji-Woo Li and Ji-Gun Yoo's fight. They attack each other while they defend against and dodge incoming attacks. Ji-Woo Li realizes that Ji-Gun Yoo's attacks became stronger after he heard about the Captains of the S.U.C. while Ji-Gun tries to finish the duel fast to go help Shi-Woon knowing that with all the captains present the Shinhyup Clan is not enough.

Shi-Woon keeps avoiding the impact of Chang-ho's attacks without him realizing how Shi-Woon can take so many hits without visible damage. The moment Chang-ho stops attacking, Shi-Woon realizes that this is their chance to escape and he tells Pi-Ha to run. Angered by this Chang-ho orders the rest of the members to catch them. Shi-Woon then remembers his master's teachings:

Just because you have great Ki or strength you or not a master. If that was the case, there is no need to learn martial arts. Martial arts is used to read your opponent's movements, and by giving even a slight change to that movement you can neutralize them.

As Shi-Woon starts to move fast through the crowd of S.U.C. members Chun-Woo Han's teaching continues:

The thing that corresponds to it is the Walking Techniques's 4th foot technique... 'Gyuk'!!

To everyone's surprise, including Ha-ru, Shi-Woon then uses Gyuk to take Chang-ho and the rest S.U.C. members off their feet, and dashes towards the exit. Ha-ru admires Shi-Woon's technique that attacks the weak points of his opponents with minimal movement and proceeds to stop him from escaping. As Shi-Woon draws close to the exit, Pi-Ha is sent flying on him. A bald figure wearing a white martial arts uniform, comes out of the shadows.



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