Chapter 95
New Waves
NW Chapter 095
Release Date November 30, 2012
Cover Chang-ho
Pages 21
Chapter 94
Chapter 96

Chapter 95 is the 95th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



As Shi-Woon Yi and Pi-Ha stare startled at the door the S.U.C.members enter the roof. Chang-ho comes forward and greets Shi-Woon telling him it had been awhile, and he has dreamed of they day they would meet again. Shi-Woon startled tries to comprehend the situation.

Back to Ji-Gun Yoo and Ji-Woo Li's fight, Ji-Gun blocks Ji-Woo's attack with his sword. Ji-Woo then asks if he is tired after noticing his heavy breathing and Ji-Woo confirms that the rumours about his stamina being weak were true and adds that she will take advantage of this chance to kill him. Ji-Gun sarcastically tells her he is scared to death. Provoked by Ji-Gun, Ji-Woo comments that he is annoying and even in such a situation he acts cool while she swings her chain-sickle at him. Ji-Gun ducks the attack and while playing ignorant about the reason why Ji-Woo got pissed off he comments that even if he is defeated they won't touch Shi-Woon. He justifies this comment by repeating his previous statement that she will not be able to beat the masters of the Shinhyup Clan. Ji-Woo then tells him that all five captains are currently deployed at the school, including Dokhengrang who is ranked first among the S.U.C. members. At the same time a man with large build takes out the members of the Shinhyup Clan and proceeds to walk up the stairs.

On the roof Chang-ho asks Shi-Woon if he is so surprised about while Pi-Ha asks what happened to the Shinhyup Clan. Chang-ho asks him if he has improved, because he better have since he has. Shi-Woon tries to calm down Chang-ho in order to avoid a fight in this situation by telling him that, although they are not actually friends nor were they in good terms, they were classmates. Chang-ho describes Shi-Woon's words as stupid and, instead of trying to negotiate and play cool in front of him because he is scared, he should beg. While Shi-Woon tries to respond to Chang-ho's words calmly another member of the S.U.C. holds him back saying that he should not act like that since they have not received order from the captain, yet. Chang-ho agitated by him he asks him who he thinks he is and then turns around attakcs him with a strike on the chest. That attack sends him several meters away crushing to the door while the started Shi-Woon and Pi-Ha from one side and Ha-ru from the other observe the situation. Then Chang-ho warns him that he would break his head, if bothers him again. While another member attempts to step in Chang-ho turns to Ha-ru agitated and confirms the promise they made with him to have his chance at revenge. While the other members questions his manners towards a captain, Ha-ru interrupts them and confirms that she did promise him and complains on not having the chance play around. Chan-ho then warns everyone that should they interfere he'll kill them.

He then turns to Shi-Woon and referring to his previous attack towards his comrade, he advises him to be more careful otherwise he will end up the same even if he takes a single of his fists. Shi-Woon tries to warn Chang-ho about the strength he is using telling him that the strength is made in order to control them, that it is not normal, and if he keeps using he'll die. Chang-ho, thinking that the strength he and Shi-Woon use is the same, comments that how can he die while Shi-Woon uses it without issues, shouts at him not to make him laugh and goes to strike him. Shi-Woon ducks the attack and tells him he is seriously in real danger. Chang-ho tells him to shut up as he continues to attack him.

Shi-Woon realizes that his words are not going to get through to him, and wonders what he must do, if he fighting him is the only option. Shi-Woon comments that Chang-ho's speed is the same as before, in contrast to his power, thinking that he can fight without using Ki. When he turns around he is surprised to see Chang-ho's fist approaching but he barely manages to dodge. Shi-Woon wonders about Chang-ho's attack while Chang-ho tells him that unlike last time he has come prepared and that the foot trick from last time is not going to work. He then says that if he can't believe it after seeing it, then he will show it to him again. As Shi-Woon is able to evade his first attack by pulling back Chang-ho attacks again fast telling him that he can't run. As Chang-ho's fist approaches, Shi-Woon comments on the speed and he worries that he might get hurt.

In a flash back we see Ha-ru teaching Chang-ho about what Walking Techniques are and the complicated explanations agitate Chang-ho who wants to learn fast how to break the technique. While Ha-ru says she was just about to teach him how to do it she comments that she must take a pill as she takes out a box with that specific pill inside. That pill, she continues, is essential for Chang-ho to be able to follow Shi-Woon's movements and it is superior to the previous one he took. She covers any doubts about it by adding that these pills are given only to those chose by Nine Arts Dragon which Chang-ho believed. As he repeats that he was chosen he shows off his power by attacking at full strength. Shi-Woon tries to block saying that it is too late to dodge and as the strike makes contact Chang-ho shouts that this is the power given to him by the Nine Arts Dragon. Pi-Ha shouts Shi-Woon's name while Ha-ru looks slightly surprised.



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