Chapter 94
New Waves
NW Chapter 094
Release Date November 23, 2012
Cover Ha-ru
Shi-Woon Yi
Ha-Ill Gang
Jin-Ie Kwon
Pages 18
Chapter 93
Chapter 95

Chapter 94 is 94th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



As Jin-Ie Kwon continues to fall and tries to find a way out of that situation she realizes Ha-ru is following her in midair. Ha-ru then says that letting her go like that is sightly boring and she attempts to attack her directly with a kick while she holds on the roof with her whip. Jin-Ie barely blocks and begins to realize that her balance has been shaken. Ha-ru then attacks her again, rendering her unconscious and allowing her to fall. Ha-ru uses her whip to get back on the roof and sarcastically says farewell. Just before Jin-Ie touches the ground Ha-Ill Gang dives towards her and catches her. Shi-Woon Yi looks on shock, while Ha-ru wonders who saved Jin-Ie.

Ha-Ill worried attempts to ask Jin-Ie if she is alright but his sentence is cut of when he realizes that a knife comes flying towards him. He manages to dodge the attack but the knife catches his hat. Kwon-Young tells Ha-Ill he makes him angry because he ran from their duel because of a girl like Jin-Ie. He then tells him that if he has nothing else to show him, they shall end it there. He then draws out two identical short blades which he calls Fangs, and comments that with him drawing them out Ha-Ill's life is as good as over. Ha-Ill notices the pierced hat, lays Jin-Ie down, walks over to the hat. As he picks it up he sarcastically repeats the name of Kwon-Young's blades. Then he adds to Kwon-Young's threat that since he touvhed that hat even if he is the Western White Star (Seo-Baek-Sung) or the Nine Arts Dragon (Goomoonryong) he is dead.

Kwon-Young smirks commenting on whether Ha-Ill knows if it will be that easy but he is interrupted by Ha-Ill's fast kick on his face. Kwon-Young then looks again and notices that Ha-Ill attempts as second kick from above. Kwon tries to stab him but Ha-Ill disappears from his field of vision and appears in front of his legs trying to tackle him. Kwon steps backwards to avoid it and when he tries to comprehend the situation, commenting that the fight is completely different than before, another side kick comes which he barely dodges by pulling back. He then wipes his face after being cut from Ha-Ill's last side kick and looks at Ha-Ill standing in front of him and seems to rejoice while commenting that these are after all Sun-Woo Clan's skills. He, ironically, thanks Ha-Ill for not disappointing him and asks him to fight with their real skills this time.

Ha-ru who had been observing the fight between Ha-Ill and Kwon, complements Ha-Ill as pretty skilled for being able to fight evenly with Kwon-Young, referring to him with his nickname, Hyul-Ryu. Pi-Ha then whispers to Shi-Woon to hurry but when loud noises are heard from the door Pi-Ha tells him that they're here, meaning the Shinhyup Clan, so he should hurry and run. Shi-Woon then attempts to run to the door while Ha-ru, after realizing what they're trying to do, tells them that it is not going to work, and uses her whip to attack but Pi-Ha gets in front of Shi-Woon telling him to dodge and takes the hit. Shi-Woon stops to check him but he tells Shi-Woon he is ok, so he should go on. Pi-Ha then covers Shi-Woon taking Ha-ru's whip attacks while Shi-Woon gets to the door and unlocks it. Shi-Woon opens the door shouting to the Shinhyup Clan to enter but to both Shi-Woon and Pi-Ha's surprise behind the door were S.U.C. members.



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