Chapter 93
New Waves
NW Chapter 093
Release Date November 16, 2012
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Pages 16
Chapter 92
Chapter 94

Chapter 93 is 93rd chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



As Ha-Ill Gang scales over a wall, he starts to wonder what's with the messed up situation, and why he hasn't heard anything of Jin-Ie Kwon. He then pulls out his phone and realizes that it is broken. Kwon-Young then asks if he is possibly getting scared and begins to doubt that the rumors of him being equal to Gyu-Bum Yi. Ha-Ill then tells him to shut up and throws his phone towards him. Ha-Ill then starts to worry about Jin-Ie over Kwon-Young.

Jin-Ie remarks about the 5 Captains of the Soldiers Under Command and asks Shi-Woon Yi how he didn't recognize his friend. Pi-Ha tells her that it's not Shi-Woon's fault and further comments on Ha-ru's nickname and that her appearance and bone techniques are famous. She can disguise her face, height, voice and even body shape so not even a family member would be able to tell her apart. Ha-ru remarks about him doing his research and asks them if they know how angry she is that she was found out. In order to completely copy her, she disguised as Sae-Hee's friend and studied her for a few days. She then asks Shi-Woon how he found out and Shi-Woon answers that Sae-Hee would never ask something for her own sake. Ha-ru says she thought she would at least act a bit more familiar with her friend.

Jin-Ie tells her to shut up and fight her and Shi-Woon tries to stop her telling her not to just attack her but just get her away from the door. He'll get the door open while she distracts her, and allowing the Shinhyup Clan to enter. He then asks pi-Ha if it would be possible. He agrees that it would be the best option. Jin-Ie gets angry asking Shi-Woon if does he not trust her skills but Shi-Woon tells her that he trusts her but he doesn't want her to get hurt. Jin-Ie blushes from Shi-Woon's care towards her and agrees to do as he says.

As Jin-Ie charges towards Ha-ru she focuses on getting her away from the door. As Ha-ru swings her whip, with Jin-Ie narrowly avoiding, she tells her she isn't interested in her. Jin-Ie begins to realize she's too fast, as she is unable to get close to her. Jin-Ie approaches Ha-ru by stopping the whip's movement by wrapping it around her wrist which she folded with her jacked. When she grabs the whip she realizes that it slips from her hands again. While Jin-Ie gets distracted from observing the whip Ha-ru gets close and tries to kick her. Jin-Ie jumps in midair to avoid the kick and Ha-ru uses the chance to grab Jin-Ie's neck with the whip claiming that she is done playing with her, and throws her beyond the rooftop's limits.

Shi-Woon then panics and shouts for her. Ha-Ill walking near the front of the school hears Shi-Woon shouting Jin-Ie's name and looks around trying to find her. Ha-Ill then looks upwards and notices Jin-Ie falling downwards and starts to panic.



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