Chapter 92
New Waves
NW Chapter 092
Release Date November 9, 2012
Cover Ha-ru
Pages 18
Chapter 91
Chapter 93

Chapter 92 is 92nd chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.


Jin-Ie exposed Ha-ru in front of Shi-Woon.


Ho Do-jin crosses swords with a member of S.U.C. As the S.U.C. member goes to strike him Ho Do-jin narrowly avoids the attack causing the S.U.C. member to stab his sword into the wall. One S.U.C. member claims he thought all the Shinhyup Clan were amateurs, but there's a couple of good ones mixed in. One Shinhyup Clan member suggests to Ho Do-jin to move to hallway, as it's too narrow were they are but Shi-Woon Yi tells him he can't, as he might get regular students involved as well, so they should fight away from the classrooms if he can.

Pi-Ha claims S.U.C. are tougher than he thought and if it's according to the plan they should be taking over the cars that had come in and asks if they're gonna let them away like that. Sera Kang asks him how long since the assault started. He tells her it has been over 30 minutes. Shi-Woon asks Sera if is something wrong. Sera tells them something isn't right, as their attack style should be that of an ambush. Normally you attack people for a short period of time, and if you're unsuccessful then you retreat but something is off for them to hold off like that. Pi-Ha claims they probably got worked up fighting. Sera tells him if it was such an case, then they can not explain the kind of organized movement, and she seems to realize something. She then asks them to excuse her a moment. Pi-Ha claims Sera sure is serious jokingly.

Shi-Woon asks him what is Sera worried about. He tells Shi-Woon it's nothing to worry about, as it is all going according to plan. Shi-Woon then asks him, if Sera said something like that. Sae-Hee then interrupts him, calling his name. Sae-Hee then asks what is currently going on and refers to the strange people. Jin-Ie Kwon tells her to clam down, as he said it will be over soon. Sae-Hee asks Shi-Woon if he is getting involved in this because of Jin-Ie. Jin-Ie then gets up from sitting down, and starts to lose her temper and crushes her can. Shi-Woon then asks her to stop. Then explains to her they should think about her situation too, as she doesn't know what is going on.

Jin-Ie says it's fine since Sae-Hee is his precious friend while making an irritated face. Sae-Hee tells Shi-Woon she doesn't like the place. Shi-Woon suggests to her to step out for a minute with him. After Shi-Woon and Sae-Hee leave the tent, Jin-Ie loses her temper claiming she hates Sae-Hee and what's her problem. Pi-Ha then tries to hand Jin-Ie the mobile phone. Jin-Ie snatches it out of his hands, and claims who would be calling her. As Jin-Ie puts the phone to her ear, Sera Kang tells her to not say anything and listen.

Shi-Woon asks Sae-Hee how she is feeling. She says she doesn't know and it's really scary, also what if the kids from before come to the roof as well. Shi-Woon tells her he made sure to lock the steel door shut and soon people will come to help them, so she should just hang on. Sae-Hee tells him she doesn't what he has been talking about, and suggests to call the police, as it isn't a joke however they look at it, so they should call the police. Shi-Woon tells her she wouldn't understand but they can't drag normal people in to it as things will get more complicated if they do. Sae-Hee questions him about his phrase of normal people. He tells her that's what they could even be after. Sae-Hee then grabs his hand and tells she doesn't know what he is saying and if he could do what she asks for her sake. Shi-Woon then realizes something is strange about her and asks her if she is really Sae-Hee. She asks him what he is talking about.

Then Jin-Ie interrupts them by kicking Sae-Hee in the face. Shi-Woon startled asks what she is doing. She tells him they've been tricked, as Sera just called telling her, that Sae-Hee was still in the infirmary as they speak. Shi-Woon then wonders who she is. Jin-Ie then pushes Shi-Woon to the side telling him to move and avoids a whip attacked as it tries to strike her. Jin-Ie avoids its attacks and then stomps it to prevent it from returning tot he owner. The whip then starts to back off slipping from Jin-Ie's shoe returning into the hands of Sae-Hee. Sae-Hee licks her lip and asks Jin-Ie why she did that and she should have interrupted her a little later since the mood was right. Shi-Woon asks her for her real identity. As she removed a skin like mask from her face she reveals her true identy and she introduces herself as Chunmyungrang on the five captains of S.U.C. who will mess him up good, and claims it's nice to meet him referring to him as pretty boy.



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