Chapter 91
New Waves
NW Chapter 091
Release Date November 2, 2012
Cover Sera Kang
Pages 20
Chapter 90
Chapter 92

Chapter 91 is 91st chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



As S.U.C. enters the room, Sae-Hee seems surprised by their arrival and asks who they are. One S.U.C. unzipped his mask and reveals himself to be Chang-ho. As Sae-Hee starts to get sacred, Chang-ho asks her not be sacred, and come with him for a bit. Sae-Hee asks what he means. Chang-ho tells her he knew she would act this way, and goes to hit her with his bat. As he goes to hit her, he pauses due a sound and Jin-Ie Kwon breaks through the window and kicks Chang-ho in the face. Jin-Ie then somersaults in the air, and then tackles S.U.C. and Chang-ho. Both Chang-ho and S.U.C. are forced outside the room and fall at the corridor. Jin-Ie then claims she timed it perfectly. Annoyed Chang-ho orders his S.U.C. comrades to get her. Jin-Ie then asks Sae-Hee if she is ok and that Shi-Woon Yi told her to bring her to him. Chang-ho then gets angry and breaks the door. The S.U.C. then obverse Jin-Ie and Sae-Hee, leaving the room and travelling upwards.

When Jin-Ie and Sae-Hee arrive on the roof, Shi-Woon asks Sae-Hee if she is alright. Sae-Hee asks what is going on. Shi-Woon claims it's a long story and he is sorry for putting her through this. Jin-Ie claims that she did all the work. Shi-Woon then apologizes and thanks her. Jin-Ie then wonders were the slacker went, meaning Ji-Gun Yoo, while she is left with the all work.

Ji-Gun avoids Ji-Woo Li's attack. She asks him why he isn't fighting back, considering she got a nice place to fight. Ji-Gun asks says he doesn't know why he has to be fight her. Ji-Woo tells him if that's so his friends will get hurt, if he stays here. Ji-Gun disagrees telling her it is them who will be hurt. As the Sun-Woo Clan, Mil-Yang Clan and Shinhyup Clan were waiting for them, and they fell into their trap. Ji-Woo tells him they knew they were up to something, as it was strange for someone undergoing treatment to come to school. So it was obviously a trick to make them come, but they're mistaken as they're much stronger than they think.

Ha-Ill Gang ducks the stranger’s attack. As he goes to kick him, Ha-Ill jumps up avoiding the attack, he then performs a whip like attack. Ha-Ill then black flips to escape the attack and luckily lands on his feet. Ha-Ill then begins to wonder who he is as his attack and defence isn't working. He then begins to realise about the man's last attack. The man tells him it is a disappointment as he came to see him after he had heard a lot about him, and asks if it isn't disappointing that a pro from the Sun-Woo Clan struggles against a nobody like him. Ha-Ill then confirms that the man's last technique was Tae-Geuk Ascending Strike. Ha-Ill remembers there was a time when he saw such a perfect Tae-Geuk Ascending Strike. He then tells him he’s not nobody he is the Western White Star, of the four new stars of the Murim, Kwon-Young. Kwon then tells him as he had told him before he has a really good eye.



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