Chapter 7
The Breaker
Chapter 07
Volume 1
Cover Murim meeting
Pages 25
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Chapter 7 is the 7th chapter of The Breaker series.


The Murim Alliance is having an official meeting because as the master of Song Clan was murdered and the person in suspect is very dangerous; his identity is revealed in this chapter.


The chapter starts with the with the outward of (probably) a hotel named "The Westin Chosun", at bottom of the page the doorkeepers commenting the luxurious cars arriving, noting that they are the Guests for the event running in the Diamond Hall of the hotel.

From the outside of the hotel the scene change to the interior view and more specifically inside the Diamond Hall. There, Jang Joonho is amazed to see the number of Murim people gathered and Sehu states that many gathered as there was an incident. Suddenly there is a ruckus as Heavenly Way School arrived, which normally isn't used to participate in such events.

So-Chun Hyuk, the successor of the Heavenly Way School, goes directly to the Former Alliance Chief to pay his respects. Immediately other murim try to approach So-Chun Hyuk and introduce themselves. First was Park Yoon-Sung, then Jang Nam-Doo from Incheon Shinchun training centre, and last Ho Jun from Dae Jeon Han Gyeal training centre. More people wanted to come forward but one of the Heavenly Way School stopped them explaining that So-Chun Hyuk doesn't wish to greet and talk to anyone from any small training centres. That move annoys Gijoo Song but Kang-Sung explains that based on his ranking as well as his few public appearances is to be expected people to want to know him.

The event starts stating first the incident of Hak Jang Song's death; the report is presented by Jung Lae Won. Form the report is pointed out the the victim din't have any notable outward damage but under the skiing his skull was shuttered. Then Gijoo Song rages and screams who was the one that crushed his master's head. Meanwhile Sehu comments to Jang Joonho that this technique is dangerous, as just a single punch is enough to break a bone. The Former Alliance Chief claims that only a few have the knowledge to perform this punch and the first in the suspect list is Goomoonryong[1].

Back in school Chun-Woo Han tries to explain to Bae Yoonji the reason he stood her up, also as his phone device fell in the water he was unable to contact her. Bae Yoonji doesn't want to listen to his excuses; screaming at him says that she doesn't want to see him ever again. Chun-Woo Han alone in the rooftop, regretting over and over again why he got in trouble helping Shi-Woon Yi; in the school entrance Shi-Woon is coming to school, while Chun-Woo Han he is anxious about his student's body condition. Shi-Woon Yi in reality isn't feeling well, but he decided to learn to fight so he has to cope with that.

Suddenly, a man behind him appears calling him Goomoonryong. The main proclaims that this title is a honourable title given to a selected and individual for his outstanding performance but Chun-Woo Han is responsible for the current disastrous meaning that this name holds. Chun-Woo Han denies what the man said and he passes him in order to leave the rooftop; however the man doesn't accept that and attacks him. After the evasion panel, Chun-Woo Han using Walking Techniques [2] tries to attack the man and pushes him hard on the door. At the bottom of the building Shi-Woon Yi hears the sound and he is startled as he had seen Chun-Woo Han up there.

Back on the rooftop Chun-Woo Han asks the man if he was sent by Hak Jang Song. The man laughs as he made him really angry; then Chun-Woo Han with suspicion asks again who is he. Then he sees that the man has... breasts and big to top it. Then the man removes his face and it appears to be a woman under disguise. The chapter ends with the woman(previously the man) being very exited seeing Chun-Woo Han as fierce as usual.



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  1. Shinmujengpe
  2. Walking Techniques

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