Chapter 72 (final)
The Breaker
Chapter 72
Release Date July 27, 2010
Volume 10
Cover Hospital run by
Martial Arts Alliance
Pages 20
Chapter 71
Chapter 1
(New Waves)

Chapter 72 is the 72nd and final chapter of The Breaker series.


Shi-Woon tries to find his way back to a normal life without Murim. However, Gyu-Bum Yi approaches him to invite him into a new world of Murim.


Shi-Woon Yi appears on the hospital's rooftop, emerged in his thoughts about what happened with his master and the explanation he got from So-Chun Hyuk about Chun-Woo Han. He is devastated, unable to comprehend and accept that his master left him.

Suddenly Mun-Gi Ma appears scaring Shi-Woon to death. Shi-Woon expresses his worries and thoughts about the value of his life in the eyes of his master, questioning himself whether he really was merely a toy to him as everyone claims. Mun-Gi explains that Chun-Woo probably saved him by pushing him out of the Murim world. He adds that, as his master, he must left something for his disciple, and when he finds that, he will find the answers to his questions. Then he disappears as a phantom.

Shi-Woon, who remembers his phone, then goes on to retrieve his cell from the taxi driver who kept it as collateral. Going back to his room still trying to find answers, no matter what he thinks, now without Ki Centre he has to give up the martial arts and forget the last month, something that pains him. His thoughts are interrupted by Sae-Hee, who is worried about him after she learned from his mom that he was in an auto accident. She is also informing Shi-Woon that Chang-ho got suspended after the school learned about his violent actions.

While taking photos with Shi-Woon's phone, by accident Sae-Hee discovers a video left from Chun-Woo. Seeing the video meant for him, Shi-Woon is bursting to tears and Sae-Hee tries to understand the situation.

Meanwhile Kang-Sung who took over the Martial Arts Alliance as danju learns about Chun-Woo's actions in Colombia and analyses the report about the latest actions of the Black Forest Defence. Their activities increased so drastically as if they would want to take over the whole world. The Alliances abilities to oppose them on the other hand began to dwindle with some clans and factions even allying themselves with the Black Forest Defence. The other members are angry about that, but Kang-Sung states that was to be expected. Standing up and looking outside he is concerned what will happen if the prohibition [1] is released.

The scene changes to a house with a small garden, where two elderly men are seen gardening, drinking tea and discussing with each other about the actions of Chun-Woo as he proved to be the strongest in the Murim World and lives up to his name as Goomoonryong. They also point out that this will make it difficult for Kang-Sung to be accepted as the danju of the Martial Arts Alliance. They see a time of great turbulences ahead with the Murim's pride and dignity been destroyed by Chun-Woo.

The elder drinking tea asks the one gardening whether the acceptance of the new clan head was in preparation for this time. The elder gardening answers that the boy has the mandat to become the Sun-Woo Clan's successor. The other elder worries whether a young boy will be able to stand on this position because there is also a rumour that he is unable to perform martial arts, due to his Ki center being destroyed. The other elder states that a stand-in puppet as clan head is what the Sun-Woo clan needs and not a hopping mad dragon that will have demands.

Few weeks later Shi-Woon is seen at school, and his reality has reverted back to what it was before he met Chun-Woo, however Chang-ho hasn't been released by his suspension yet. Moreover because of the fact that Chang-ho lost to Shi-Woon all the tough guys try to approach him for a challenge. After school has finished three tough guys call out for him in order to leave school together as they are self-proclaimed partners.

At the front gate of the school men in black with sedan are seen waiting. Upon seeing Shi-Woon they are aligning besides each other and bow to him. The tough guys disappear in an instant scared by the sight of those men. Shi-Woon is astonished and claims that there must be some mistake. Then Gyu-Bum Yi explains that there is nothing wrong and that as of now the new clan head of the Sun Woo clan is the disciple of Goomoonryong who is no one else but Shi-Woon. Then Gyu-Bum invites Shi-Woon to follow him in the Murim world that is awaiting for him.



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