Chapter 71
The Breaker
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Volume 10
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Pages 19
Chapter 70
Chapter 72
(The Breaker final)

Chapter 71 is the 71st chapter of The Breaker series.


Kang-Sung tries to convince Chun-Woo Han to stop fighting. The fight then stops after Alex threatens to leave without the others.


The chapter starts with Kang-Sung attacking using the Split Heaven Kick (Pachungak) leaving everyone surprised. Even Chun-Woo Han comments the power of that technique and the level it was performed. However, Kang-Sung ignored him and asked him whether he really didn't value his disciple. Chun-Woo though, in a provocative manner talks about the death of Kang-Sung's master and comrade.

Kang-Sung, didn't get the bait and calmly explains that even if he killed his comrade and master, it would not be his place to continue this vendetta as both of them acted unfair towards each other. They acted according to their wills and decisions. He clearly states that his revenge could be claimed unjustified. Although he can overlook all these, the fact that Chun-Woo used his disciple as a toy, is unforgivable. Based on what he learned in the Murim world, master and disciple are one and their connection should be deeper than blood or family relationships.

Chun-Woo says that he didn't expect Kang-Sung to be so talkative and the only thing that he learned in the Murim world was that the strong have the power to act as they wish. He also adds, that he will prove him that whatever he did was correct at the end. Upon hearing that explanation Kang-Sung shows his anger, adding that he tried his best to understand him but at the end he concluded that he is only an incomprehensible existence. Openly, then, he challenges him for an all-out fight and of course Chun-Woo accepts.

In front of their Ki everyone is overwhelmed and most of them are trembling in fear. They also comment that the outcome of this fight cannot be predicted. A moment later the helicopter of the Black Forest Defence is coming back. Alex shouts that he is out of fuel and that if they don't plan to follow him now then he will leave without them.

Takeshi shouts that they are leaving and along with Dimitri they move between Chun-Woo and Kang-Sung. Dimitri says to Chun-Woo that he will have chances in the future but for now they have to retreat. Kang-Sung shouts to Chun-Woo he should stop running away, to which Chun-Woo replies that he is just sparing his life for now, but when he comes back whoever is left in the Murim world will die by his hands.

Back in the hospital, Shi-Woon Yi, who has just woken up, is scared of what he is hearing from So-Chun Hyuk, as he was left unconscious after his master's strike on him. So-Chun Hyuk explains that he has to concentrate on fixing his Ki for now, but Shi-Woon shouts that he needs to be alone. The chapter ends with Shi-Woon trying to ascertain whether he has been abandoned by his master.



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