Chapter 70
The Breaker
Chapter 70
Volume 10
Cover Chun-Woo Han
Pages 25
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Chapter 70 is the 70th chapter of The Breaker series.



Shi-Woon Yi lies on the hospital bed, unable to believe that his master betrayed him. Next to him, his mother Mrs Yi is worried because he is still in pain. However Shi-Woon doesn't understand the continuous pains in his stomach. In that moment, So-Chun Hyuk arrives with flowers and news: He has a permit of absence from school; hence he attended the meeting of the Martial Arts Alliance and went to inform Shi-Woon about their decision. He says that the final prognosis about his Ki Centre is that, it has been completely shuttered with no chance of recovery, thus the Martial Arts Alliance decided to treat him as an non-Murim individual, because he is unable to perform Martial Arts from now on.

Shi-Woon, replies that he was told about his Ki Centre being broken the previous day but he cannot understand what that means. So-Chun Hyuk, explains the meaning of a broken Ki Centre, then Shi-Woon increases his tone and asks for explanations as to what happened after he lost consciousness in the rooftop, and wants answers as to whether the one responsible for the broken Ki Centre was his master. So-Chun agrees to tell him what occurred afterwards.

The scene changes to when Chun-Woo Han shuttered Shi-Woon's Ki Centre. Everyone is in shock. Chun-Woo approach the Martial Arts Alliance Chief, who tries to get away squirming around for help. Nobody answers to his requests and commands. Chun-Woo attempts to deliver the final blow using Focus Stomp but his attack is countered by Kang-Sung, saving the alliance chief's life. Kang-Sung tells Chun-Woo to stop as the Martial Arts Alliance Chief is as good as dead. He then mentions that he has to hurry and treat his disciple, but before he finishes his sentence Chun-Woo attacks him and tries to kill the Martial Arts Alliance Chief. Kang-Sung reading the situation pushes him away again.

Kang-Sung, tries to stop Chun-Woo and notes that he has to hurry and treat his disciple as Shi-Woon's life maybe in danger. Chun-Woo replies that he doesn't have any disciple, and he is willing to exchange him if they hand him over the Martial Arts Alliance Chief. So-Chun Hyuk shouts that Shi-Woon is known as his disciple, but Chun-Woo smiles and asks if they really think that Shi-Woon is his disciple.



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