Chapter 6
The Breaker
Chapter 06
Volume 1
Cover Chun-Woo Han
Shi-Ho Lee
Pages 26
Chapter 5
Chapter 7

Chapter 6 is the 6th chapter of The Breaker series.


Shi-Woon shows his conviction to Chun-Woo making him to surrender to his request.


The angry face of Chang-ho and a fist ready to strike his face is what Shi-Woon Yi saw and woke up; Chun-Woo Han is next to him and asks him who is responsible for his beating this time. He replies that for the first time he fought back against Chang-ho and his gang, this made him realise the meaning behind his words that time. Chun-Woo doesn't care and he is ready to leave but Shi-Woon stops him claiming that he is the one that who can teach him a proper way of fighting, while Chun-Woo tries to avoid the situation he is threatened by Shi-Woon; he will upload the video on the internet, and states that he is prepared to die for that action.

Now on top of a Bridge Chun-Woo gives a chance to Shi-Woon to change but to do so, he has to jump of the bridge and be ready to lose even his soul. Shi-Woon tries to understand, why he has to risk his own life for that, and more importantly he can't swim. Chun-Woo exclaims that in that world everything works as he says and he has to believe and follow whatever his master says; what he will taught him is a way to survive however by default increases the chances for him getting killed. Chun-Woo then turns around telling him that they should head back, while he mutters how far he had to go in order to scare Shi-Woon.

Shi-Woon asks that if he really jumps of the bridge then he will teach him, just for confirmation, then he jumps of. Chun-Woo can't believe in his eyes, he didn't expect this outcome; he is thinking that he can leave Shi-Woon die and pretend he is just a by stander, but the people around him noticed quite fast plus Shi-Woon was calling for his teacher. Hence there was no escape, pretends that he just recognised his favourite disciple and jumps in order to save him.

Back to the hospital Shi-Woon opens his eyes, next to him Chun-Woo worried that his italian shoes were actually imitations. Shi-Woon wants confirmation that he is accepted as disciple, while Chun-Woo gets angry that his cell-phone doesn't work but Shi-Woon replies that they are even as he broke his.

Getting back in a serious mood, Shi-Woon said that he realised the intentions of Chun-Woo but he still believed in him as in the most critical moments he was next to him, additionally Chun-Woo is the only person that Shi-Woon can rely on. In that scene we only see the back of Chun-Woo, without turning to face Shi-Woon he says to him to take care of his body moreover after a couple of lessons he will quit either way. Shi-Woon is ecstatic.

Outside the hospital Chun-Woo rhetorically wonders if Shi-Woon realises what real faith is, then wondering what else he is forgetting. Bae Yoonji is drinking alone in a restaurant hence, Chun-Woo stood her up!



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