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Battle. 6
New Waves
NW Chapter 006
Release Date November 27, 2010
Volume 1
Cover Sae-Hee
Pages 20
Chapter 5
Chapter 7

Chapter 6 is the 6th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



After Jin-Ie Kwon called Gyu-Bum Yi but got cut off without an explanation about the reasons or her undercover job the scene switches to Gyu-Bum's side.

Gyu-Bum upon arriving at the Martial Arts Alliance talks with Kang-Sung who became the new chief of the Alliance. The chief explains that the alliance is in need of the strength of the Sun-Woo Clan since there are groups who ignore the alliance's directives and even some that break the border that separates the Murim and the normal world.

Meanwhile Jin-Ie frets about her job. As Shi-Woon tries to become friendly with her she threatens him again.

In the school she forces Shi-Woon to leave the class during breaks. Shi-Woon who digs deeper about her reasons to do so gets in a quarrel with her during one of these breaks. At this time Sae-Hee was walking through the corridor. Speaking to her Shi-Woon gets to know about a new transfer student in Sae-Hee's class, who is her type. The boy arrives short after, his name is Ji-Gun Yoo. Ji-Gun is the same person who watched Shi-Woon's argument and Jin-Ie's fight with the Strong Dragon School the day before.



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