Chapter 69
The Breaker
Chapter 69
Volume 10
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Chun-Woo Han
Pages 26
Chapter 68
Chapter 70

Chapter 69 is the 69th chapter of The Breaker series.



Shi-Woon in his unconsciousness state remembers the time Chun-Woo Han saved him, from when he jumped of a bridge. As he begins to regain consciousness, he first sees So-Chun Hyuk appear before him and four shadowed figures a while afterwards. The four shadowed figures discuss about him, with one of them showing no visible interest, one of them complaining about being called, the female one of them sceptical whether he can survive and the fourth one of them, who can be recognized as Gyu-Bum Yi from the Koa Tower incident, vouching for his spirit which would be rivalling that of Goomoonryong's.

When he wakes up he finds himself in the hospital with his mother by his side, worrying for him, after his so called "accident". He is surprised about his missing strength and dizzyness. He is then transported for a detailed physical exam. While being transported he gets attacked by an Murim martial artist from the Iron Fist School under the disguise of a doctor but gets saved by Yu Sa-Ah from the Martial Arts Alliance protectors group who was disguised as a nurse. She recognized the Murim as a student of the Iron Fist School using Single Fist of Destructive Lightning, tells him Shi-Woon is off limits until the Martial Arts Alliance comes to a decision and throws him using Ki-Whirlwind Technique after being called a hag. While beating him she introduces herself.

Kang-Sung arrives on scene, sends Yu away because he wants to talk with Shi-Woon alone, asks after Shi-Woon's well being and checks Shi-Woon's pulse. He comments to himself what a foolish man Chun-Woo is. Asked by Shi-Woon he answers, that Chun-Woo wanted to kill him, by destroying his Ki center. He continues that Shi-Woon wouldn't be alive if the treatment had begun later. Shi-Woon refuses to believe him. Kang-Sung leaves, advising him to think of the past events as a dream, because he will never be able to use martial arts again.



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