Chapter 68
The Breaker
Chapter 68
Volume 10
Cover Sae-Hee
Pages 24
Chapter 67
Chapter 69

Chapter 68  is the 68th of The Breaker series.



The Alliance Chief laughs happily, because he caught Shi-Woon Yi. He asks Kang-Sung why he doesn't attack Chun-Woo who still lies down. Takeshi and Dimitri slide between Chun-Woo and him as well as Kang-Sung. The alliance chief still laughs, because they wouldn't be a match for Kang-Sung. Kang-Sung however has no intention to attack, because he doesn't see any justification anymore. The alliance chief shouts at him, for questioning the justification of his actions, that he alone dictates the actions of the alliance and there wouldn't be any more need for justification.

He then proceeds to threaten Chun-Woo by making use of his hostage. At this point even So-Chun Hyuk and Kang-Sung loose their composure and shout at the chief, all of the murim would be watching him. The chief states it doesn't matter to him, he would be able to close all of their lips like at the Shinmujengpe of that time. Some of the attendants who were not present at the Shinmujengpe mutter about the birth of Goomoonryong which the chief just admitted as being true.

They await Goomoonryong's answer, as Mun-Gi Ma states, that would be the only thing they all could do now. Takeshi asks Chun-Woo whether he can cut his disciple up. Chun-Woo ignores him and walks straight past him. As the chief restates his conditions of Chun-Woo resigning peacefully, if he wants his disciple to live. Chun-Woo describes slowly, this would be the same situation his master died in, because of the chief's tactics. The chief asks back, whether he intends to do the same, dying instead of his disciple. He says he would accept if that would be the case. Shi-Woon cries under the pressure the chief applies to his neck, but shouts at Chun-Woo to not do it.

Chun-Woo asks back, how the surviving disciple should live from then on. He reveals that he swore to himself to never pass on that feeling of guilt to his disciple. The chief shouts at Chun-Woo that he will kill his disciple if he comes closer. Chun-Woo in turn says to Shi-Woon, that he has suffered enough for his sake and that he is expelled as disciple. He then throws a devastating punch which wents right through Shi-Woon and hits the alliance chief as well. Shi-Woon asks himself whether he was hit, because he doesn't feel any pain at all and while lying down he catches a last glimpse of Chun-Woo and asks himself why he looks so sad, before loosing consciousness.



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