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Chapter 67
The Breaker
Chapter 67
Volume 10
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
So-Chun Hyuk
Pages 30
Chapter 66
Chapter 68

Chapter 67 is the 67th chapter of The Breaker series.



Kang-Sung interrupts his fight preparations, because he sees Shi-Woon Yi step in between himself and Chun-Woo Han again. Jang Joonho comments about the foolishness of that action as Shi-Woon shows no fear to approach Chun-Woo. Shi-Woon then tells Chun-Woo that this is not the Chun-Woo he believes in. Takeshi also states to Dimitri, that master and disciple would be total morons. But Dimitri notices, that Chun-Woo had stopped.

After a short pause Chun-Woo struggles fighting with himself and takes for a big swing. In that moment Shi-Woon strikes him at the head using a smaller swing. Shi-Woon pleads him to get a hold of himself. After Chun-Woo stands right back up, Kang-Sung prepares again to face him and walks past Shi-Woon for that purpose. Shi-Woon however doesn't listen to his explanation, that this person would be no longer his master and tells Chun-Woo again about the motivation he got through him. At this point most of them don't believe that would have any effect anymore as suddenly Chun-Woo is back to himself and comments about Shi-Woon's embarrassing whining. He also complains about his own headache. Mun-Gi Ma laughs saying he believed Shi-Woon would pull something off, while Kang-Sung is stunned in disbelieve. Shi-Woon lets himself sink on the floor, commenting how exhausted he is.

Dimitri approaches to rescue Chun-Woo because he believes Chun-Woo wouldn't be able to hold himself on his own anymore. As Shi-Woon tells Chun-Woo to get Shi-Ho Lee and escape, Chun-Woo silently stares in the sky.

Kang-Sung then approaches Chun-Woo asking whether he recognizes him. He does, but before Kang-Sung could state what he wanted, Chun-Woo gets hit at the head. The Alliance Chief kicked him and captures Shi-Woon, grabbing the latter at the neck.



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