Chapter 66
The Breaker
Chapter 66
Volume 10
Cover Chun-Woo Han
Shi-Ho Lee
Pages 37
Chapter 65
Chapter 67

Chapter 66 is the 66th chapter of The Breaker series.



Shi-Woon Yi stands still as Chun-Woo Han quickly approaches him. So-Chun Hyuk saves Shi-Woon from Chun-Woo's following attack by throwing Shi-Woon off balance, so that the attack doesn't connect completely. Shi-Woon however loses consciousness. The protectors in turn jump at Chun-Woo to protect So-Chun from Chun-Woo. Chun-Woo takes on the protectors managed to injure two of them. So-Chun then approaches Chun-Woo from the front while the third protector approaches him from behind. Mun-Gi Ma is disappointed since he believed Chun-Woo would recognize his disciple. Most of the lower ranked murim want to save their lives, because they don't want to be caught in the fight. Mun-Gi advises Hyuntae to follow them because Chun-Woo would see him dead, but his death wouldn't change anything. Mun-Gi prepares to fight, instead stating he still has to repay a debt.

While So-Chun fights Chun-Woo, one of the protectors who’s still conscious at the time managed to grab Chun-Woo from behind. He tells So-Chun he should use the opportunity and aim for the Chun-Woo's jugular notch. However Chun-Woo jumps backwards, landing on the person holding him. Chun-Woo then proceeds to deliver a focus stomp, which doesn't reach the floor, because Chun-Woo got hit before. The attacker is Kang-Sung. Takeshi asks Dimitri who that person is. And Dimitri answers him, noting his strength. The people which were about to go, are revealed to be still on the roof. Kang-Sung asks Chun-Woo whether he should really show this state of his, calling it shameful. Kang-Sung evades a series of attacks of Chun-Woo before following through a movement of Chun-Woo and delivering an accurate strike to the jugular notch, which So-Chun noted as indescribable efficient attack. So-Chun believed for a short moment, that there would be no way that Chun-Woo could stand back up. But Chun-Woo didn't even fall down after the attack, what the present protector could not help, but comment as not humanly possible.

Kang-Sung thinks back to his old master, who warned him of Un-Wol, his disciple Chun-Woo and the Black Origin Threshold. Un-Wol who attained that technique first was invited to a meeting of elders of the murim. But no one who went to see could return alive, because the technique goes along with feelings of wrath and a desire to kill. Un-Wol got banned into a cave for lifetime. But he raised a disciple afterwards. Song believed that this was Un-Wol's way to take revenge on the murim. Kang-Sung believed Chun-Woo's nature would be too good, to succumb to the technique, but asked his master what he should do, if Chun-Woo really would use that technique to destroy the murim. His master answered him that he had to give up on his own life if that would be the case. Back in the present Kang-Sung thinks of his admiration for Chun-Woo and his dream to share drinks with him and discuss the ways of the murim. He then throws away that thought, taking a special stance and releasing an insane amount of Ki, which Mun-Gi recognized as the way of mutual destruction. Directly afterwards Kang-Sung is surprised to see Shi-Woon steps in between both of them.



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