Chapter 65
The Breaker
Chapter 65
Volume 9
Cover Chun-Woo Han
Shi-Woon Yi
So-Chun Hyuk
Pages 24
Chapter 64
Chapter 66

Chapter 65 is the 65th chapter of The Breaker series.


The Heavenly Way School tries to stop Chun-Woo from killing the Chief.


Alex circles in his helicopter above Koa tower waiting for the fighting to end. Jang So-Sul wonders why he didn't at least inform the others about Shi-Ho Lee's death. Alex answers her, that he too loved Shi-Ho, but there are other things to worry about, like the fuel running out or that both of them are in enemy territory. Just as he finished to answer Gyu-Bum Yi who suddenly appeared at the side of the window grabbed him through the same and threatens him, to release So-Sul. So-Sul, who decided to stay with Alex and the others, informs Gyu-Bum that she choose that path on her own and that she left the Phoenix Medaillion in safe keeping with Shi-Woon Yi. When Gyu-Bum scolds her for that So-Sul reminds him, that she has command over the Sun-Woo clan and assigns him the task to protect Shi-Woon from any harm, till the day she returns.

On the roof of Koa tower, Shi-Woon is terrified of Chun-Woo Han's transformation. He sits holding his arm to stop shaking. Chun-Woo still fights all three present protectors. Other spectators wonder how Chun-Woo is able to fight using his bare hands without using proper techniques. Standing among them, Mun-Gi Ma asks Hyuntae whether he understands, that he has made the monster that Chun-Woo represents an enemy of the Murim, by shooting him.

So-Chun Hyuk is confused that he is trembling from watching Chun-Woo fight the protectors, while he is still holding the Alliance Chief. He then gets hit by one of the protectors who got hit by Chun-Woo and slides behind Shi-Woon. Upon seeing Shi-Woon he calms himself, thinking the fear Shi-Woon felt from fighting him must have been much greater, than the one he is experiencing now and is therefore able to stand up, after being frozen in fear before. He evades one of Chun-Woo's attacks and is able to counter him with an elbow attack. He decides to show Shi-Woon that his spirit isn't lower than Shi-Woon's.

Shi-Woon seeing So-Chun fight on the other hand also is amazed by the fight So-Chun shows at that time. He feels powerless, because he doesn't think, he could do the same. But he then remembers how Chun-Woo told him that courage would be to not back off even when lacking the strength to fight.

In the fight of Chun-Woo and So-Chun along with some support of the three present protectors, Chun-Woo is slowly gaining the upper hand. After throwing him, he jumps after him, when suddenly a determined Shi-Woon appears before So-Chun in a protecting pose.



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