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Chapter 62
New Waves
NW Chapter 062
Release Date March 9, 2012
Volume 7
Cover Jin-Ie Kwon
Pages 20
Chapter 63
Chapter 63

Chapter 62 is the 62th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



In exchange with the medicine that can save Shi-Ho Lee's life, Hyun Won-Jae agreed to give the appropriate equipment to Seung-Jae Bae in low price. Meanwhile Jin-Ie Kwon wakes up in hospital and remember fight with S.U.C. along with Shi-Woon Yi. When she asks the nurse she teases her about their relation until Jin-Ie realizes that the nurse is talking about Ji-Gun Yoo and Shi-Woon is nowhere to be seen. She fears her grandfather killed him when he shows up right in front of her.



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  • Hospital


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