Chapter 5
The Breaker
Chapter 05
Volume 1
Cover Sae-Hee
Bae Yoonji
Chun-Woo Han
Shi-Woon Yi
Pages 20
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Chapter 5 is the 5th chapter of The Breaker series.


Chang-ho threatens Shi-Woon Yi that if he doesn't give him Sae-Hee is going to be beat up badly; though this will not go as planned.


Shi-Woon Yi and Sae-Hee are seated on a bench in the schoolyard. Sae-Hee brings up memories about a picnic during their first grade; she refers to them being separated from the rest of the group and getting in trouble. Sae-Hee brings up the issue of Shi-Woon being bullied and apologises for heer ignorance and states that she is willing to do whatever she can. That moment Shi-Woon is tempted by the thought of bringing her to Chang-ho as requested [1].

Back in the teachers office Chun-Woo Han is excited that school just finished and grabs Bae Yoonji to leave. However Vice Principal stops him showing him a pile of papers that he must take care of because pushed back his office work. He criticizes his everyday appearance and behaviour and demands from him to finish is work within that day.

Behind the gym Chang-ho and his gang are waiting for Shi-Woon. Upon seeing him they ask where Sae-Hee is. To their disappointment she is not there, which results to one of the guys hitting him while asking what is going on. Shi-Woon musters his courage and shouts that she is not coming while attempting an attack. The same guy gets mad an strikes back but is stopped by Chang-ho. Chang-ho threatens Shi-Woon but he glares back at him. As he attempts an attack the gang starts beating him up, including Chang-ho. During the beating Shi-Woon expresses the hatred towards himself for almost betraying Sae-Hee because of fear. As the beating stops Shi-Woon thinks that he is going to change and gets up to fight back.

The same night, Chun-Woo finishes his work and leaves the office as he arranges a date with Bae Yoonji. At the same time, Chang-ho and his gang depart from school stating Shi-Woon's change and their intention to "fix him up starting the next day.

Chun-Woo walks away and remembers that jumping over the gym is a shortcut. He checks if he is seen and starts to jump over them. Upon jumping over the gym he sees Shi-Woo laying on the floor unconscious. He attempts to leave pretending he did not see him but as he jumps on the gym he listen's Shi-Woon provoking his bullies in his sleep stating that he is not trash and stops and looks back at him.



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  1. The Breaker Chapter 4

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