Battle. 5
New Waves
NW Chapter 005
Release Date November 20, 2010
Volume 1
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Pages 24
Chapter 4
Chapter 6

Chapter 5 is the fifth entry of The Breaker New Waves series.



The elders of the Sun-Woo Clan welcome Shi-Woon Yi. While the others want to make Shi-Woon feel comfortable, Jang-Il Jeong wants to see the Phoenix Medailion first. Then as soon as they all could confirm the medaillion to be genuine, the elders bow before Shi-Woon, with Jang-Il bowing a bit late and not as deep as the others.

They explain, he is now the new head of the clan. But Shi-Woon realizing the meaning of it, returns the medaillion. Kim Sul-Joong and Jang-Il then start to quarrel about the reasons and consequences of his decision but are interrupted by Min Sa-Oak and Jae-Kyu Kwon. After deciding to treat the welcoming as done and Shi-Woon still in the position to take the position as head of the clan they dissolve the meeting, with Jae-Kyu staying. Jin-Ie Kwon then appears behind Jae-Kyu asking why Shi-Woon was not rejected, since he refused the position. Jae-Kyu, who is revelaed to be her grandpa asks back, whether she forgot that she is supposed to let Shi-Woon get roughed up a bit, to beg the clan for help. Jin-Ie then accepts to continue working on this task.

Meanwhile Gyu-Bum follows Shi-Woon on his way back to the car. He is agitated about Shi-Woon's decision and wants to hear his reasons. Shi-Woon replies that it does not make sense, that one who is not able to wield martial arts should take on that position. He left it there, because the elders would take good care of the clan. As he draws the conclusion, that the attacks on him would stop with this, he gets corrected by Gyu-Bum, who states a connection with Chun-Woo Han might be the reason instead.

Gyu-Bum escorts Shi-Woon back home and explains both the elders interpretation of the situation as a completed welcome and his own, as he swore to Jang So-Sul to protect Shi-Woon.

The chapter ends with Jin-Ie becoming his undercover security guard under the disguise of being a transfer student.



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