Chapter 4
The Breaker
Chapter 04
Volume 1
Cover Chun-Woo Han
Pages 22
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Chapter 4 is the 4th chapter of The Breaker series.


A pretty girl appears and is looking for Shi-Woon Yi while Chun-Woo Han uses his womanizing skills to get the beautiful teacher. Though Vice Principal is haveing a headache with him.


A pretty girl appears looking for Shi-Woon Yi at his class; she says her name is Sae-Hee from another class and to pass that to Shi-Woon when he comes back. Upon leaving the class Chang-ho and his gang are outside of the class and they gets answers as to whom is the girl that reported the bullying to the teachers.

Shi-Woon in the schoolyard tries to avoid Chang-ho and his gang but that's in vain. Chang-ho approaches him and demands to bring Sae-Hee behind the gym after school. Shi-Woon is in schlock as the identity of the girl has been exposed and Sae-Hee is in danger.

In the teacher's office Chun-Woo Han uses his womanizer skills to get another chance with Bae Yoonji . Shi-Woon then asks to see him, as he wants to thank him for his help the other day. Chun-Woo looks disappointed that the student is Shi-Woon and tells him that there is on reason to thank him. Shi-Woon asks him then if he is really a martial art master, which is the only way to explain how they survived falling off the rooftop and how the Vice Principal's car was wrecked.

That very moment Vice Principal appears, with intentions to apologize for his anger the other day. Chun-Woo says that it was completely understandable and takes Shi-Woon away pretending to talk about global problems. Now alone, Chun-Woo pretends that he doesn't understand what he is saying. Upon completing his phrase Shi-Woon shows him the recorded video of Chun-Woo beating up some thugs outside a bar[1]. Chun-Woo crashes the mobile phone to destroy all evidence but Shi-Woon reveals that he has backup on his PC. Shi-Woon proposes that if Chun-Woo helps him beat up Chang-ho and his gang and then he will delete the video. Chun-Woo says that he has no problem but when he is gone from the school his troubles will be doubled. Shi-Woon cries and says that what can he do with this miserable life he has. Chun-Woo emphasizes that power isn't everything but the courage to fight is the most important. As Shi-Woon lacks of courage there is none around him willing to support him.

Back in the schoolyard Shi-Woon shakes from fear and thinks that no matter what Chun-Woo said when someone attacks you, there is no courage but fear. He concludes that he can bring Sae-Hee to them, they are in school so they will not do something too cruel. That very moment Sae-Hee calls out Shi-Woon with an angelic smile and relief that she finally found him.



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  1. The Breaker Chapter 1

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