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Battle. 4
New Waves
NW Chapter 004
Release Date November 13, 2010
Volume 1
Cover Ji-Gun Yoo
Pages 21
Chapter 3
Chapter 5

Chapter 4 is the fourth entry of The Breaker New Waves series.


Gyu-Bum Yi introduces to Shi-Woon Yi to the Sun-Woo Clan.


The girl uses a technique called to knock Kim Jung Woo out. Seeing Kim defeated and the girl skilled enough at ranged combat to precisely throw a sword next to them the others retreat quickly, taking Kim with them.

The girl then ignores the thanks from Shi-Woon Yi absorbing herself in checking her bodys condition after using the harmful attack. Suddenly Gyu-Bum Yi arrives at the scene. He introduces the girl as Jin-Ie Kwon, one of the top five fighters of the Sun-Woo Clan.

Watching from a safe distance are a man and the same woman who watched Shi-Woon as Gyu-Bum warned Shi-Woon back in chapter one of New Waves. The man talks about bringing Sera to their side.

Shi-Woon in the mean time travels along with Gyu-Bum and Jin-Ie to one of the villas of the Sun-Woo Clan. Four elderly people were awaiting him there.



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