Chapter 48.5
New Waves
NW Chapter 048.5
Volume Extra Chapters List
Cover Park Jin-Hwan
Jeon Geuk-Jin
Pages 24
Chapter 19.5 (Part 2)
Chapter 118.5

Chapter 48.5 is a special chapter about the authors of The Breaker visiting Paris.


From the end of June to July 7th Park Jin-Hwan and Jeon Geuk-Jin were invited to the Paris Japan expo as featured guests to a signing session. Park explains the Paris Japan is manga and animated related event, which has taken place annually for 12 years. France is the 2nd largest manga market in the whole world. In the case of "One Piece" a Representative manga work. A single volume cost 3x more than in Korea, "One Piece" also has 3x more sales volumes than in Korea. However they didn't know that until the day before the expo.

After receiving a phone call about going to expo Jeon, accepts knows nothing about it, but since it's Paris he'll go. When Jeon gets on the plan, he starts to worry, he knows their not big-shot authors. Going abroad to do a signature session which they haven't done in Korea, he wonders whether they would be managing a empty booth. He then skips to a meal after all of his worrying.

As they knew there was nothing they could do, since they were on their way, they couldn't cancel. Arriving in Paris's De Gaulle Airport full of worries they were welcomed very casually. Their hotel was in the heart of a crime-ridden district of Paris. The next day the reality of the expo hit them. A packed and crowded event. The event hall was very big to begin with, but from the expo's start to finish, it was packed to the brim with people. There was super sized posters everywhere and banners of Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and other works. There was manga and animation aflutter everywhere. So they wondered why they was there.

Within the grand hall Koren Manhwa was represented by a smallish booth in a corner. Being completely surround by manga for 4 day left them sighing deeply.

They began their first day with a interview, with their interviewers were sightly complimentary. They were shocked to find out that the readers gave a positive response to their work.

After consecutive interviews with four magazines, they sat down for some lunch. Next was the dreaded signing session. Arriving at the signing session they saw many fans lined up. Fans had to first buy a breaker volume on sale, then grab a number from a limited pool and wait their turn for a signing. The reason behind the limited numbers a day was that their signatures were accompanied by an illustration, which took up alot of time. 

After Jeon was introduced as the reader, a fan asked a question related to the storyline. The fan was serious, so they ended up conversing with the help of their translator. Then suddenly other fans started asking questions all of a sudden.

After a while, the simple q&a became a general discussion between fans, which was lively as a outdoor market. As Jeon praises the astoposphere, for him as a writer. He mentions about a fan who had read of all part 1 on the internet, asking weather Shi-Ho was really dead. Bu since volumes 1-3 were only published in France, fans were enraged by the spoiler.

Jeon was worried that fans would think their Manhwa would be a Manga, since their at a japan expo. But his worry was baseless. As fans were very knowledgeable and knew the difference. Fans even asked why the series as as read right to left, unlike other manhwa.

He had heard Manhwa abroad had been a success. Jeon mentions "Archlord" park's previous work is on sale in France.

There was even a fan who sought him out because he was the writer for "ruler of the land" series.

7pm came, which meant end of the expo for day. But fans were lining up for signings. By 9pm they reached a restaurant

The next day was the same as the first 4-5 interviews in the morning, on a helter skelter schedule, lunch then, a signing session, also a interview with a cable t.v station.

The second day, had bigger crowds with even more hardcore fans. Despite signing being limited up 30 people, almost 50 people were lining up at the at the publishers booth just to get a number.

Many various people came to their signings. One fan in particular, stuck out for them. As he stuck around from beginning til end, then left after shaking their hands. But due to their packed schedule they couldn't give a signing, and gave him their deepest apologies.

Wanting to visit the expo they were unable to so, due to being committed to a full time schedule. Despite being invited as guests.

After the Expo they were scheduled for a singing Expo at a manga cafe. Jeon explains at the cafe for certain price you can read any Manhwa book while enjoying tea or coffee.

It was a tradition there that an artist leaves behind a drawing on the wall, after a signing session. So Park begun work til early hours of the morning before getting their plan back to Seol.

Jeon believes the event is his crowning moment in his career of Manhwa.

He thanks the many fans, those that stuck out and everyone else that came to see them.

Despite the fact Korean manhwa isn't really supported by secondary production industry, as Japanese Manga does with animation.

Jeon and Park, thanks the people of Koca, who behind the event, as well asking them to continue to support them, as well as other authors. Lastly they thank the fans in France, and everywhere else who are cheering them. Also they thank the booken publishing company for making everything possible from start to finish.

Upon their return they were faced with a daunting schedule on their manuscript and the paper back volume work.


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