Battle. 3
New Waves
NW Chapter 003
Release Date November 6, 2010
Volume 1
Cover Jin-Ie Kwon
Pages 22
Chapter 2
Chapter 4

Chapter 3 is the third entry of The Breaker New Waves series.



The girl who interfered Kim Jung Woo's bothering of Shi-Woon Yi is boldly challenging him and his helpers as she puts it "to find out what Strong Dragon School's martial arts are like". While completely dominating Kim's group, she shows a high level of speed literally jumping on top of the whole group. In the mean time Kim stands up again and attacks her from the front. The girl dodges the attack and then both provoke each other with insults. Kim attacks her fully prepared to fight and surprises her with his swordsmanship.

After Kim corners her, Shi-Woon interferes, throwing one of his shoes and shouting at her to get away. Now pissed off Kim, shouts over to Shi-Woon and turns to the girl sexually harassing her. Trying to stop them Shi-Woon, tells them that he was their original target. While Shi-Woon continued in trying to change their attention to himself, Kim orders his group to take him away and teach him a lesson. The girl uses his distraction as chance and hits Kim in the face with a kick, with Kim's group along with Shi-Woon looking surprised.



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