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Chapter 31
New Waves
NW Chapter 031
Release Date May 28, 2011
Volume 4
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Pages 22
Chapter 30
Chapter 32

Chapter 31 is the 31st chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



At the impact of Shi-Woon's punch both Chang-ho and Shi-Woon himself go down. While Jang and Ji-Woo wonder how he evaded Chang-ho's attack, Shi-Woon starts running away. For the moment he escaped Chang-ho and a bunch of other fighters of the S.U.C. who tried to cut his way. As Chang-ho went back to ask what could be done next Shi-Woon remembers Sera's words, about how the Sun-Woo Clan wouldn't be able to help him against the S.U.C..

Shi-Woon arrives at the subway station, where he met Seung-Jae before and meets him again. Shi-Woon who wants to have the power to fight the S.U.C. asks about the method to get his Ki-Center back. Seung-Jae smiles and states he wants Shi-Woon's body as payment.

The chapter ends, with the arrival of Chang-ho and other fighter of the S.U.C. at the subways.



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