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Battle. 2
New Waves
NW Chapter 002
Release Date October 29, 2010
Volume 1
Cover Jin-Ie Kwon
Pages 18
Chapter 1
Chapter 3

Chapter 2 is the second chapter of The Breaker New Waves series and is called Battle 2.



In Nine Dragons High School Shi-Woon Yi gets called by Sae-Hee as he dreams about how peaceful his life has become, since Chang-ho no longer attends the school, due to his suspension. They are then reminded to keep on the assigned ways, by the new security guard. They talk about how a lot of weird people, as the new security guard, came to their school lately. Jang Joonho then crosses their path and wants to treat Shi-Woon to a coffee. At Starbucks he thanks Shi-Woon for saving his elder brother in terms of martial arts.

After he left the cafe Shi-Woon thinks about the possibility that the warnings he received from first Gyu-Bum and now Jang are founded. As he thinks about it, he directly gets to meet a man named Kim Jung Woo, who introduces himself as part of the Strong Dragon School. Kim then provokes Shi-Woon, who is frightened at that time. Just before Kim can strike Shi-Woon with his sword he gets hit by a girl. She is the same girl Shi-Woon got medical supplies for, against her will.



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