Chapter 28
The Breaker
Chapter 28
Volume 4
Cover Jang So-Sul
Pages 30
Chapter 27
Chapter 29

Chapter 28 is the 28th chapter of The Breaker series.



Shi-Ho Lee finishes her fight and leaves as Hyun Won-Jae shouts that he still loves her. Shi-Woon Yi continuous his training and decides to take a break to eat. Jang So-Sul asks him when he became a Murim-in and when the discussion becomes heated So-Sul pushes herself causing her Ki to become distorted and she fall in shock. Shi-Woon calls to Shi-Ho to help So-Sul. Chun-Woo Han goes on a date with Bae Yoonji. Meanwhile So-Chun Hyuk meets with Jang Joonho.



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