Chapter 27
New Waves
NW Chapter 027
Release Date May 1, 2011
Volume 3
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Jin-Ie Kwon
Pages 18
Chapter 26
Chapter 28

Chapter 27 is the 27th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



Jin-Ie returns to the room where Shi-Woon is asleep. She begins to remembe about the time when she was taken into the clan. She remembers her grandfather Jae-Kyu Kwon when he smiled warmly at her and about her promise to never disappoint him. As she goes through her recollections of experiences and friends she met, she also remembers meeting Ha-Ill and Shi-Woon. She then cries, because she thinks, she has to strangle Shi-Woon despite the feelings she has for him. When she seems to have made up her mind she is disturbed by the sound of Shi-Woon's cell ringing. She then turns around to the phone and reads "Mom" on the display. She remembers her mom's embrace and let go of Shi-Woon.

The next morning Shi-Woon awakes in his room. He remembers fighting Ji-Gun and wonders how he can be all right. He shivers at the thought of being hit a lot. He wonders where Jin-Ie went and comes to the conclusion, he would meet her at Nine Dragons High School, since he is late. At the entrance he meets the security guard. He follows him, because the latter claims, he has to confirm that Shi-Woon is a student at the school. However this turns out to be a trap, since the security guard is part of S.U.C. and knows about Shi-Woon's fight against Ji-Gun.



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