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Chapter 26
New Waves
NW Chapter 026
Release Date April 22, 2011
Volume 3
Cover Chang-ho.
Pages 22
Chapter 25
Chapter 27

Chapter 26 is the 26th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.


Jang Joonho was shocked to see Shi-Woon's enemy is member of SUC


Jang Joonho, attracted by the title of Goomoonryong came to watch a fight of a follower of the S.U.C. against the most skilled fighter of the Nine Dragons High School. As he arrived, there was already a crowd of people, waiting for the fight. It however turned out to be not much of a fight, because the fighter of the S.U.C. was able to use martial arts. He hit his opponent with Soul-Crushing Strike. As he won his fight, the fighter of the S.U.C. revealed himself. It was Chang-ho.

In the meantime Jin-Ie, Dae-San and Ha-Ill brought Shi-Woon home. Ha-Ill teased Jin-Ie about she should watch out, because the ones who love would be the first ones to fall. Dae-San and Ha-Ill left first in a car. Dae-San noted Ha-Ill would be worried about Jin-Ie. Ha-Ill honestly replied, that he is, because there would be no one as interesting as she in the Murim.

Jin-Ie now alone with Shi-Woon watched him sleeping a bit, before leaving the room. As she was about to leave the room she received a call from her grandfather. He was surprised to hear, that Shi-Woon was still alive and also that Dae-San and Ha-Ill went to help. After confirming that Jin-Ie was alone with Shi-Woon he ordered her to kill him.



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