Chapter 200 (NW)
New Waves
[[Chapter 200 (NW)|240px]]
Release Date May 01, 2015
Cover So-Chun Hyuk
Jang So-Sul
Shi-Woon Yi
Pages Page 37
Chapter 199 (NW)
New Waves Epilogue

Chapter 200 is the Final Chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.


As Jin-le and Shi-Woon are leaving the hospital. Jin-Ie told him that she has heard a story that he has rejected everyone that has came to see him including Ji-Gun and other murim friends as well. He tells her that he was wrong if he didn't want to see the Nine Arts Dragon and with the elder wouldn't have be killed. Jin-Ie walks in front of him. If he really think that her grandfather really die because of him that he did something that he loved. If Shi-Woon need to stop acting like a baby and act like a real Gaju of a Clan. Jin-Ie points that him that her grandfathers sacrifice turned out to be this. Then Jin-Ie  is very disappoint at him. Shi-Woon sees that he is wrong and understands what she means thanking her and she must be grieving far more then he is. She tells him that her grandfather has left her a book of techniques and starting learning them to watch her grow and become as master that stands above Jae-Kwon. Begging Shi-Woon to became an worthy of his lineage.

Jae-gal standing a few feet away seeing Jin-Ie and Shi-Woon talking. Started thinking back with he's talk with Kaiser. Tell him that he is sorry for failing him and asking for a second chance as he will not fail again. Kaiser tells him ok but he has a question for him. As he has a single treasure in this world that he adores more then anything else, but recently found these one more treasure just like him and wants to know if he has the tenacity to make the treasure worthy of himself. Jae-gal understand his mission. Kaiser asks him to show him, his answer and see the report after the mission is over.

Jae-gal thinks if there is two treasures that equivalent price then its better of one of them is destroyed. Drawing his sword ready to lunch his attack against Shi-Woon.

As Shi-Woon and Jin-Ie see Sera standing there by waiting for them. Sera asks if he is doing well. Before Shi-Woon can answer. Jin-Ie starts yelling at her and why is she waiting for them. Sera tells her that she don't have the knowledge of cheering other up and in the type of situations, requires the help of Jin-Ie. Jin-Ie asking what does she mean by that and why is her thanking her for.  Sera walks up to Shi-Woon that she has came to tell him that this have happened up until now soon the Martial Arts Alliance will summon everyone to announce someting.

During the meeting of the Alliance. Jang-Mung Kwon talking with Te-Ul finding it's strange that the alliance is summoning everyone. Te-Ul tells everyone the Kang-Sung is planning something big and with rumour that Kang-Sung is doing something with the youngsters it could be that he made an Alliance with them and plan on driving the older generation out. Jang-Mung tells them that impossible and there's no one who would dare it do that. Yu-Sung cames that Kang-Sung may dream but he will not live along. And heard that the Danju is finally moving around after hibernation. Te-Ul questions if that the person is finally returning and will be try to assume he's old position again. Yu-Sung thinks that the case and why would he awakened. Jang-Mung if that true it the best outcame to have. Yu-Sung thanks it better to wait and see soon as the person arrives and the flow will change.

Back outside Sera tells Shi-Woon and Jin-Ie ever since that day, the MAA Leader has been aware that he is not strong enough, and Ji-Gun has a big role in helping the MAA leader realize that. And started gathering all young masters. As she has heard that he has came by to see him ofter as well. Shi-Woon turns his head. Sera gets a call of someone. Seeing that Shi-Woon mother has regained consciosness. Shi-Woon shocked of the new of his mother and Ghost Hands heard what happen to her and helped her. Sera asking Shi-Woon to wait as she will get him the phone to talk to her but Si-Woon sees attacker yelling everyone to get down. As the attacker miss everyone on;ly cutting the chair. As everyone turns seeing the attacker coming again. Jin-Ie seeing that he is coming again jumping in front of him blocking him. Jae-gal seeing a Young girl, and how dare she who do her think he is. Jin-Ie asking her grandfather for help by using one of his technique that he has passed on to her (Shipping Wings of the Phoenix) against the attacker. Jin-Ie thinking that it has worked and the impact. Seeing who is the attacker really is. Jae-gal asking how does she know that persons techniqes? Shi-Woon shocked to see him there. As three member of Murim jump in front of Jae-gal blocking him again. Jae-gal using a walking technique cutting the three in front of them.  Jae-gal telling himself nothing else matters right now only needs to concentrate that him. Sera running to protect Shi-Woon telling him that is dangerous.

As the former Allaince chief jumped on top of Jae-gal head and using (True Seismic Step) killing Jae-gal. As everyone became shock to see what happen and that person is.

Back that the meeting of Murim. Kang knows that gathered everyone there in a hurry because of the incident and the nine arts dragon is not long ago. And realized after witnessing the chaos of that day. Especially knowing that the young masters who are willing to sacrifice themselver with them are the tide in the balance of murim and believes that they need a chance of their own. As the proposing that they organize the Battle for Supremacy) once again. Must of the Murim Masters question why would they do that again and it was stopped after the meeting of council. Sung tells everyone that Nine Arts Dragon has achieved the rank of Ghost Doctor and now they must look for young masters who are able to fight them off. As right now those who are afraid of showing their powers to the the Murim world. Sung don't know these individual arem however believes that they willl be founds and bring a new ray of hope for the world. And they must have faith i their tenacity and with chance to redeeming themselves.

Outside of the building So-Chun starts walking the the meeting place building.

So-Sul walking in a wallway

Back outside Shi-Woon shocked to see the Former Chief. Former Chief tells them did they see that and it was the true Seismic step for the school of Hyun Won-Moon Shi-Woon shock again was the words of Hyun Won-Moon. As the former has heard everything that has happen to him and the Nine Arts Dragon and are his is ready to learn the true Hyun Won-Moon techniques and stang above the Nine Arts Dragon? ==Character Appearance

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Locations Techniques Items
  • Sun-Woo Hospital
  • Sun-Woo Hospital Grounds
  • Black Forest Defence HQ
  • Mask
  • Cane Sword
  • Cell Phone
  • Wheel Chair
  • Heavenly Way Car

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