"And then he appears"
The Breaker
Chapter 01
Release Date August 31, 2007
Volume 1
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Chun-Woo Han
Pages 30
Chapter 2

"And then he appears" is the 1st chapter of The Breaker series.


Chun-Woo Han arrives at Nine Dragons High School to start his duties as a teacher. There he meets a bullied student, Shi-Woon Yi who happened to be in his class.


A new guy appears outside the School peeking on the female students changing. He then notices a group of students bullying another one and their leader tells him to bring 60.000 won the next day. Then, they leave him lying down and they walk away.

As the boy start crying the new guy appears close to him saying that the mood was good but changed. As the boy looks up and sees him standing on the top of the, several meter tall, fence, the guy confirms if the school is the Nine Dragons High School. He jumps down saying he is not late and asks the bullied student the way for the school office. As the student shows him the direction and he walks away, the guy calls the student a coward for not fighting back and is laughing at him while walking away.

Later, while the student walks through the he hears someone call his name, Shi-Woon. He looks up and sees his friend Sae-Hee. She notices the scars on him and asks what happened but he runs away. Mad at his situation he recalls the mysterious guy and gets angrier remembering him messing with his situation.

When the class starts the mysterious new guy appears in front of Shi-Woon and the class and introduces himself as Chun-Woo Han a replacement teacher for the teacher Im Jung Im who was on maternity leave. When Chun-Woon notices Shi-Woon in the class he approaches him bringing up the bullying incident asking Shi-Woon "who did it" in a comical tone while Shi-Woon worries about what would happen to him if he speaks up about Chang-ho and his gang. Chang-ho, tells to the teacher to start the lesson already and everyone looks at him surprised. Chun-Woo takes a serious expression while increasing the tension in the class but suddenly takes a comical pose saying he is starting the lesson.

After school, Shi-Woon walks home while recalling Chun-Woo calling him a coward for not fighting back and comments on it by saying that even Chun-Woo, as a teacher, lost to a student (Chang-ho) so what could a student do. He notices a flier about martial arts but turns away and keeps walking. He gets inside the house and notices a note from his mother with instructions about food and some money. At that moment it shows that Shi-Woon had actually taken the flier about martial arts with him.

Shi-Woon goes out to look for the Tae Hon Muai Thai Gym when he sees Chun-Woo being drag around buy a group of guys who wanted him to pay for his drink. They keep getting angry while Chun-Woo seems to be messing around but then one of them punches Chun-Woo in the face. While Shi-Woon gets worried Chun-Woo faces up like nothing had happened and displays amazing fighting skills, which Shi-Woon recorded in his mobile phone, while seemingly playing around.



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