Chapter 19
New Waves
NW Chapter 019
Release Date March 4, 2011
Volume 2
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Jin-Ie Kwon
Ji-Gun Yoo
Sera Kang
Pages 20
Chapter 18
Chapter 20

Chapter 19 is the 19th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.


During the meeting of Martial Arts Alliance as they talk about the most recent increase of graffiti and believe that commoners have began to noticed them. Not knowing who's helping the S.U.C and having no solid leads on them. Noticing that young Murim-Ins who have left their schools and become independent and having them join. With a great difficult to pinponit their whereabouts and consider them completely outside of their schools control and of the Alliance as well, And they are the new waves of the Murim.

Ji-Gun and Sera talking about if they should call the others in case Shi-Woo would bring someone dangerous. As Ji-Gun telling her not to interfere and miss up his fun remembering she that when it is done and she will have to join an unknown group. As notinsing her phone and receincing an text message that Shi-Woon is on his away. Ji-Gun checking how many are coming.

Shi-Woon and Jin-le walking to the gym, Jin-Ie thinking if its really okay and why isn't her grandfather not saying anything about what the life of the clan head is on the stake. Shi-Woon noticening and telling her not to worry so much after  he has learned some new thing from Elder Jeon and hopefully that'll even out the match. But Jin-Ie grapping him and yelling that martial art isn't like instant ramen and can make an quick use of it after he has learned it. Shi-Woon thinking that she is right about it.

Seeing Ji-Gun and Sera walking to them, Ji-Gun checking if they came by themselfs and worrying about the others. As Shi-Woon telling them that onbody is coming and Ji-Gun is disappointing that they didn't bring on people. Sera checking if Shi-Woon rememebered who is she was and if he bring Goomoonryoung and if he didn't bring him that Shi-Woon would become the target. As Shi-Woon saying that if whe really believed that he could bring him here. And if she knew about his broken Ki-Center should know that what happened between him and he former teacher and with the fact that if them came after him which means that they have some business and not with Goomoonryoung. Ji-Gun jumped into them seeing that Shi-Woon has changed since the last time they met. But Jin-Ie here something that she need to clear up and they having nothing to do with a new group called S.U.C and Shi-Woon asking what the S.U.C is but Ji-Gun thinking that its a lie using some acting skills Jin-Ie telling its the truth. Ji-Gun saying that is fine and what about her skills are no laughing matter and id she aren't S.U.C then what school does she go to get the skills. As Shi-Woon telling her not to answer the question.

As they are the ones who attacked them first, suddenly and with any reason, now they are asking whether if they are their enemy or not. That means that in the end they're just looking for an reason to make them suffer. Ji-Gun telling them that they finally get it. Making Jin-Ie made why you as Shi-Woon tell him let's cut the chit-Chat and fight. Ji-Gun telling them to follow him with his forceful attitude.

As Gyu-Bum Yi talking to Elder Jeon about Shi-Woon if he is skillful enough to go up against Yoo Ji-Gun. With the Elder how can that be since the young folks within the murim now and day are so immature but has faith in Shi-Woon that he will fall to a guy like him in a fight. After he has teach him a few techniques and really quickly from yesterday and he'll probably get beat up badly. Gyu-Bum if he knew that already but what stopped before he cause finish, elder did he tell him to go and insisted that Shi-Woon should go ahead. Well not to worry so much about that Shi-Woon is incrediable recuperative power even if he gets badly hurt, and doubt he'll die from it. Checking the clock and thinking that he should head on out. Gyu-Bum asking where his was going elder informed him that he is going to pick up the Clan Head and his recuperative power will only work when he's still alive, and them will bring him back before he dies. Gyu-Bum telling him that he is forbade them if doing anything that might reveal the Sun-Woo Clan. Telling he that its fine that he has been outside of the Elder Know's sigths for a long time already it so be okay for him to go.

And he may be the proxy but we still have a chance to save the clan head is far more inportant to do but was stopped by the members of the Sun-Woo Clan memebers and telling him that under the orders from Elder Kwon's order to bring Jeon back quickly and possible.

Elder Kwon orders have been done and telling them to keep him there and wait for further orders. While talking to himself that if he wouldn't let things happen like he wants and he has brought it to himself don't blame he.

As Shi-Woon, Jin-Ie, Sera, and Ji-Gun walking into the school gym as Sera and Ji-Gun talking about if he think that he jsut needs to knock him around a bit since they have been try to dig up who has been backing them up gentler methods that didn't work. Shi-Woon saying let's get something straight before they fight if shi-Woon wins Ji-Gun would have to promise him that he will leave him and the people around him alone. Ji-Gun thinks that he really thinks that he expect him to win diffenert that fight.  Now that they have gone past the point of being funny to the point of being annoying, Shi-Woon telling him not to look down him now that he has become serious. Ji-Gun started to get it and become seriously as well attacking Shi-Woon in the middle of the body causing Shi-Woon flying backforward falling into a boombox



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