Chapter 199 (New Waves)
New Waves
[[Chapter 199 (NW)|240px]]
Release Date April 17 2015
Cover Sera Kang
Pages 19 pages
Chapter 198 (NW)
Chapter 200 (NW)

Chapter 199 is the 199th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.


As Jin-le and Ha-Ill come to pack up Jae-Kyu room. Ha-Ill asks Jin-le if she is okay and stop for the day. Jin-le asks if her grandfather really loved her Ha-Ill asks what is this really about. Thinking of his last moments looking at her before attacking Chun-Woo Han. And the thing that was most important to him was the proserity of the Sunwoo Clan making her feel that she doesn't really matter to him. Ha-Ill telling her that it is a load of bullshit. Min Sa enters the room wishing to speak to Jin-le.

Min Sa hands Jin-le a book asking him what is within it. He tells her that it's a Martial Arts study that her grandfather left to him and instructed to give them to her if something should anything happened to him. Jin-Le tells him that there should be more books in the Sunwoo clan library and why would he give it to her. Min As inform her that the book is different from the books in the libaray. Min Sa tells her that is a special present that Jae-Kyu left behind just for her and these is secret techniques and contains all the knowledge that he has accumulated in martial arts. And if she diligent in her studies, She should be able to master most of not all the techniques contained in the book.

Min Sa thinks back with his talk with Jae-Kyu about the book and the book is the lasting symbol of the Sunwoo Clan and why would he entrusting it to him and if he were to secretly master the techniques as he own techniques. Jae-Kyu tells him that it will not come to pass is because in order to master his techinques you must first train and master the clam ignition Ki center techniqes for 12 years. There's no reason for a master like Elder Min to go out of his own way to master it for the next 12 years and assume that his content with his own current level of martial arts. Min Sa tells him that he definitely can't fool him and wondering why would he entrust him with the book and not Jinni herself. As they welcome the new Gaju and will be forced to walk through the fiery pits of hell with gunpoeder strapped to the bank and walk down the path without and regrets nor fear so i will entrust it to him with the only fear that will remains with Jae-Kyu.

Min Sa tell the full story of the book and why he gave the book to her. Jin-le telling him that its not fair that he was being too irresponsible. And how can he just give her something like it after he passed away. And she will have to train for another 12 years beofre she can start learning his own techinques and he should have trained her a log time ago. Min Sa tells her that she has actually mastered everything that she need. And she has been training started the moment that she has came here. Jin-le asked that does she mean. Min Sa tells her the training that she has been doing for the past couple of years was actually her greandfather techniqes and wanted her to inherit his techiques and has been preparing her for the start. And deemed the Sunwoo Clan martial arts wasn't right for her. Jin-le begans to think back of used Ascending Blue Dragon Strike. Min Sa tells her that she can understand now and the martial arts book created solerly for her eyes only. If she manage to master it, she will fulfill the legacy of her grandfather and see things at the same height as her grandfather has seen.

At the Martial Arts Alliance HQ, Kang-Sung and Sera Kang talking about the Jae-Kyu and his sacrifice was a devastaing blow to the Murim world more importantly the incident hasn't cleared that the Murim world has becoming more poweless against the outside threats. And when the Nine Arts Dragon threatened to destroy every clan and destroy of Seoul and yet many Murim clans remained silent, that the rate the absolute power of the Murim world will vanish without a truce. Kang-Sang is concerend about it as well and asks for she will have a suggestions for the Murim allinace. Sera infrom her that it won't be easy in the current state of thing, and fells it is necessart to find a good source of unity and spirit. Kang asks was kind of source is needed. She tells him that we must encourage the world the there are new generation of leader out there that can surpass even Nine Arts Dragon himself. Kang asks if she truly believes that they can find such individuals are in Murim? Sera thinking certain there are presented with a window of opportunity, they will most certainlt arise to the power that they need.

Jin-le, Gyu-Bum, and Han-Ill walk to Shi-Woon room, Gyu-Bum thanks them for coming all the way and he was getting worries that Shi-Woon would be going deeper into depression at the rate he was going. Jin-le pushs the door open yelling that Shi-Woon asking how long are you going to daydream for and how long are him to mope around after the funeral ceremony was a few days ago. Shi-Woon shocked to see her.


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Locations Techniques Items
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  • Martial Art Alliance HQ
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