Chapter 198 (New Waves)
New Waves
[[Chapter 198 (NW)|240px]]
Release Date April 10 2015
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Pages 19 pages
Chapter 197 (NW)
Chapter 199 (NW)

Chapter 198 is the 198th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.


Shi-Woon awakes looking at his aroundings thinking that everything was a drama. Gyu-Bum walkings in seeing Shi-Woon has awakened informing him if he is ready to leave. Shi-Woon and Guy-Bum head to Elder Kwon funeral seeing all members of the Sun-Woo Clan crying over the passing of The Elder. Feeling the heartbreak of him. Outside with the arrived of different schools and clan to pay respect of Elder Kwon. Head of The Seven Strike Style and Head Yu-Sung's Clan seeing what they both expected to see an incredible number of people at a funeral. It is obvious that one of the greatest master passed away while fighting The Nine Arts Dragon. Thinking at its weird that large number of kids are there. Hearing that the kids are there for Gaju of the Sunwoo clan. Both of them turning around seeing both Heads of Taeul and Jang Moon. As the leader of Seven Strike Style asks what does he mean that the kids are there for Gaju of the Sunwoo clan. Informing them what happen that day the Shi-Woon fought againsts The Nine Arts Dragon. Shocked to hear and isn't he his only disciple. As the leader of Yu-Sung heared of a another side of the story that the gaju of sunwoo clan is still young, how could he have possible that he went against him. Taeul told them that even him can't believe that he saw that day as well seeing a young man using The Black Origin Threshold and drive back Nine Arts Dragon and it true that he was eventullay subdued but if he could learn martial arts properly, he could become a master that stands above Nine Arts Dragon. Leader of Seven Strike Style is that right all the kids that are here see Shi-Woon as a child hero that fought against nine arts dragon. Yu-Sung telling them isn't it bad if Strongest person of the Gaju's clan died, so now everyone must think tat they're wolves without fangs but if he could learn martial arts peroperly.  Jang Moon told them if you add gas to a diesel car would it run. And Shi-Woon belongs to Hyun Chun Moon and he will never be able to learn the arts of Sunwoo clan now. Teoul words are right, if he must learn martial arts from Hyun Chun Moon's martial arts. However he has made enemies with the only disciple of Hyun Chu Moon, that child will no longer have a place to learn martial arts and now that the pillar of the Sunwoo Clan has fallen. Yu-Sung asked what do you think about Sunwoo clan since they had loss Edler Kwon. Taeul said the candle burns the brightest during its last light and this may be the last grand funeral that the Sunwoo clan may well have.

Yong-Hyun Yan walking to the funeral but was yelled at by JiGun Yoo telling him that he is pretty brave for showing his face again and what makes him think of having the right ot be here. Yong-Hyun tell them that he is only here to pay respects to the man who considered one of the greatest in the murin world. But was told off that they are enemy or did he forget or shall Ji-Gun make a corpse out of him. Yong-Hyun telling them it is that would be fine as well and he was following orders, but he has no pride i what he had to do and he will take the blame for what he had done, he is sorry about his allies with an heart feld apology from him and wait a little bit. He will pay his respects and wait a little bit. Ji-Gun that he knows that day he purposely challenged him in ordered to stop him for entering the building and he don't know what would've happened if he didn't help them, however even of his apologize it will not brinf his friends back. And so he will live for their lives as well from now onhe will become their ally and live for the sake of his dead friends, if he dares to think of rejecting it he will kill him if he does. As both of them walk away with a smile on their face.


Shi-Woon awakes and is taken by Gyu-Bum to Elder Kwon's funeral. Cool Guy become an ally to Ji-Gun to make up for the death of his friends.


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