Chapter 197 (New Waves)
New Waves
[[Chapter 197 (NW)|240px]]
Release Date April 4, 2015
Cover Chun-Woo Han
Pages 19 pages
Chapter 196 (NW)
Chapter 198 (NW)

Chapter 197 is the 197th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.


So Jung Chan notices blood coming for his mouth and nose. Chun Myung-Rang standing on top of the hill holding a poison Kunai talking to herself about the poison she put on to it. As So Jung Chan dropped to his knees thinking about what he has been doing so far and of the past went he frist met his younger brother and he will be getting receiving training outside of the Dojo until now that is a special student. As a car drive up to him and seeing So-Chun Hyuk stepping out the car calling him sahyung running to him, as So Jung Chan smiling that he is dreaming and he is happy that he thinks of him that way passing away in his arms, So-Chun Yelling Sahyung.

Back at Seoul Tower, As Jung Lae Won waking up seeing Lee Kim-Soon and two police officers along step her. As Lee Kim-Soon is happy to see him okay and alive and well. Jung Lae asking why they are there? but didn't get a anwser with a one of the police officers asking if he is ok, Lee Kim-Lee telling them that he alright and the captain has a shitty personality but as tenacious as a cockroach. As he holds his head is hurting so much that her priases sounds like she is making fun of him. Then puts his both of he's hands on both of her head asking her if she was making fun of him. After getting the full story getting set out after his message. Lee Kim and nobody was there win they get there and something is slightly odd.  After Walking out of the Soeul Tower seeing the aftermath of the fights. Seeing how everything that there was oe hell of a fight that broke out after he lost consciouseness, What happened here and where has the nine arts dragon has disappeared.

As Nine Arts Dragon and four members of Black Forest Defence. Julia asking why did he hand over the switch and what was up with the boy, he looked dangerous individual. Chun-Woo telling them that he had heared that bomb have also been places where they was standing. Shocked and questioning what does he mean. And what would they do if they have personally have done after heard such a things. Julia not beliving that they can't be true and why would SUC do a thing like that. And a member of Black Forest Defence telling them the boss has risen in power so quickly and if the elders are starting to get weary of him. Nine Arts Dragon makes sounds plausible to as well. Sophia asked him if he needs the meds now. Chun-Woo saying no and he had to realize that there's no point in running from the old memories regardless of the pain. Thinking back to the fight he had with Shi-Woon telling himself all you need to do is crawl up from the very bottom and he will take his time and wait for him that is the best my to apprecate the time that they have spent together, Shi-Ho.


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Locations Techniques Items
  • Seoul Tower
  • In The Air
  • Murim Helicopter
  • Murim Car

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