Chapter 196
New Waves
[[NW Chapter 196|240px]]
Release Date March 27, 2015
Cover So Jung Chan
Pages 22
Chapter 195
Chapter 197 (NW)

Chapter 196 is the 196th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.


Kaiser and the group of five seen what happen in seoul was displeased even tho it was fun to watch the fight but it was lacking compared to the show that Kaiser has promised to show them thinking that it was a shame as will for not seeing a clear bloodbath. But trust had time to witness a little toy that he had in his grasp. Even thinking of a an grand fireworks in Tokyovor maybe New York City. As one of the members no thinking it was enough it was already quite an absurd sight for a city to be silenced even for only a moment. And with the most importantly Nine Arts Dragon is an quite a monster and he's charisma that can choke the air out of you is an interesting toy. With Kaiser that it's too early for a praises with a different toy inside of his pocket still have even more then the two, he would like to show them.

Back in Seoul, near Seoul Tower seeing an Helicopter leaving the area catching the eye of Ryuji but hears the coughing of So Jung Chan turning around looking at him. As Ha-ru thinking that fight was more boring than she has though it would be. Seeing Ryuji leaving saying the fight is over and didn't take amusement in tormenting the weak. Ha-ru reminds him if he didn't kill him it would come back and bite him. Even thinking of leaving the world of Murim and never to return to the world because he want an desired to find but realized that it doesn't exists in this world walking away in the shadows.

Ha-ru turns her attact to So Jung Chan attacking him with a whip attack but missed the first attack but hit the second attack cutting him on the right shoulder, even tho he has enough strengh to dodge. So Jung Chan questions who are you really even tho the game is over and should clean up if she didn't she will be scolded by the Elders if he is left alive. So Jung Chan asking if she is talking about Master Jae-Gal is the one that she is referring to as Elder? Laughing that he calls him a master. The one she is referring to is someone he can't even degin to imagine. Even the Nine Art's Dragon is nothing more than a pawn to him, So Jang asks then who can there be but was cut short of his question, not to worry about it because his will not live past today so there is no point in worrying about it. As So Jang sencing that her aura has changed questions her again who she really is repays that she is always been Chun Myung-Rang that he hasn't never noticed what lies behind her mask.

So Jung Chan thinking that the rate thing are going he is going to be killed looking for a way out of there. Finding a route rans down the hill. As Ha-ru yelling at him that's quite unsighly the great leader of the S.U.C is running scared of a little old like her. After finding out that he has been only an puppet in a puppent show and he has to warn everyone or else. Feeling something is wrong spitting blood coming down of his nose and mouth. Back in top of the hill Chun Myung-Rang holding a throwing knife completely forgot to inform him that she has covered in poison applied.



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  • Murim Helicopter

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