Chapter 195
New Waves
NW Chapter 195
Release Date March 20, 2015
Cover Shi-Woon
Pages 22
Chapter 194
Chapter 196 (NW)

Chapter 195 is the 195th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.


As Shi-Woon launch himself to Chun-Woo to attack again however Chun-Woo seen his eyes glow rage with Chun-Woo launched quick attack breaking his arms and legs causing him to crush into the ground  breaking the ground. As the people seeing him on the ground shocking everyone. Shi-Woo trying to rise once again but was stopped by Chun-Woo putting his foot on top of his head. Telling him at his has not the skill to bring him down and will not be killed by someone so weak. With Kaiser and the Group of Five seeing that Chun-Woo was able to subdue an monster instantly so Shun-Woo is a true Monster thinking that he went to far. As Kang-Sung getting ready to attack but was stopped by Chun-Woo telling if he moves an inch he will shatter Shi-Woon head on the spot. Kang-Sung asking if he is will to kill his only disciple but was remembered that he is no long his disciple. With Ju Sang-Sik step forward asking if he is no longer his disciple to go ahead and kill him telling Kang-Sund to move out the away telling him to hurry up and kill him already just like he killed Jae-Kyu Kwon just now. Smiling at the fact that Shi-Woon is more usefull alive then dead. Look up at the Alliance helicopter making a deal to trade for Whi-Woon live for the helicopter. Ju Sang thinking that he is threatening the Martial Art Alliance at its not his style but He has dragged it long enough and must of his underlings are heavily injured so that he has no choice. Ju Sang become sick of making the deal with Chun-Woo after what he has done to Jae-Kyu, Saying that he really wants to kill him on the spot but doesn't want to make more the situation worsen then it has become taking the terms that Chun-Woo has made however he has to put down the suicide switch down, Chun-Woo smiled saying if he refuse Ju sang informed him that he will kill everyone Chun-Woo and all of his disciple that he knows how trade. Chun-Woo inform them at he will do just as they say. Ju Sang telling Kang-Sung to order the helicopter to came down telling him that they are all independent and there's no way they will not listen to him. Ju Sang become mad at everyone has be watching up to the point yelling to hurry them up and come down here if they don't he will twist there necks their neck like twigs. As So Jung Chan sense that the two ki's colliding has stopped. As Ha-ru telling him at he doesn't know to worried about it no more. Seeing Ryuji alive and well became scared asking Ha-ru what happen to the information that she tell him at he was die. Ha-ru was surprised as well, think that Ha-ru has also betrayed him as well. Ha-ru tell him that she doesn't know what he is talking about it. All she has done was just lead him to Ryuji was at for a nice long conversation between yourself. Ryuji remembered him of the rule of Murim if you aim for alive of someone you should prepared to risk your life as well, Tell him if you was prepared to sacrifice your life when you came after his life. And he came to repay the payment now.


Shi-Woon vs Chun-Woo Han (Chun-Woo is victorious)

Ryuji vs So Jung Chan (Ongoing)



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Locations Techniques Items
  • Seoul Tower
  • Murim Helicopter

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