Chapter 193
New Waves
NW Chapter 193
Release Date March 6, 2015
Cover Jinie Kwon
Pages 22
Chapter 192
Chapter 194 (NW)

Chapter 193 is the 193rd chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.


The battle between Shi-Woon Yi and Chun-Woo Han continues. With the help of his Black Origin Threshold Shi-Woon manages to overwhelm the 9 Arts Dragon but his brutal, messy fighting is seemingly ineffective.


With a punch, Shi-Woon launches Chun-Woo into a nearby temple and he comes to a rest at the base of one of the pillars. Seeing Shi-Woon's tears and angered look, Chun-Woo prepares to retaliate against his former disciple and destroys the temple. Leaping away he lands near where Yong-Hyun and Ji-Gun were standing, forcing them to retreat.

Shi-Woon attacks from above but is blocked by Chun-Woo's fist and the shockwave blows SUC members away. After his punch the two combatants are separated by a few meters and So Jung is caught in between. So Jung turns to look at Shi-Woon, paralyzed with fear. Shi-Woon meets his gaze but ignores him, dashing towards Chun-Woo who sidesteps his attack.



Debut Regular Flashback Mentioned
  • None


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Locations Techniques Items
  • Seoul Tower
  • Murim Helicopter

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