Chapter 192
New Waves
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Release Date February 27, 2015
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Pages 22
Chapter 191
Chapter 193 (NW)

Chapter 192 is the 192nd chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.


As a result of Jae-Kyu Kwon's death, Shi-Woon's rage builds up and finally unleashes the Black Origin Threshold.


In the aftermath of his Cry of the Phoenix onlookers stare with a mixture of awe and fear. Kang-Sung looks at Shi-Woon, seemingly worried, but is distracted by sudden the arrival of Chun-Woo. Ju Sang-Sik moves to attack Chun-Woo but is blocked by Kang-Sung. Ju Sang-Sik angrily tells him to get out of his way but their bickering is interrupted by Chun-Woo's proclamation that they must all attack him together or risk losing their lives to the detonator.

Kang-Sung tells Ju Sang-Sik to calm down as they watch Chun-Woo approach Shi-Woon, standing over the body of Elder Jae-Kyu. Chun-Woo tells Shi-Woon to release his Ki whilst Shi-Woon remains silent. The mention of "teacher" triggers a flashback and Shi-Woon recalls Chun-Woo's Black Origin Threshold, his black, "terrifying" look a far cry from the glowing white form of Shi-Woon.

A terrifying explosion of Ki is released from Shi-Woon's body as he tells himself that he no longer believes in Chun-Woo, the sheer energy shocking the onlookers. With a shout of "Goomoonryong", Shi-Woon moves to attack his former teacher.



Debut Regular Flashback Mentioned
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Locations Techniques Items
  • Seoul Tower
  • Murim Helicopter

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