Chapter 191
New Waves
NW Chapter 191
Release Date February 13, 2015
Cover Jae-Kyu Kwon
Shi-Woon Yi
Pages 22
Chapter 190
Chapter 192 (NW)

Chapter 191 is the 191st chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.


Kang-Sung and Ju Sang-Sik rush to save Elder Jae-Kyu after his battle with Chun-Woo leaves him bloodied and near-death.


Ju Sang-Sik breaks away the helicopter door in order to get to Jae-Kyu, leaping out despite protests from the others. Jin-Ie follows him but is stopped by Kang-Sung, who chases after Ju Sang-Sik himself.

Elder Jae-Kyu lies on the ground, a bloody hole having been opened in his chest by the force of Chun-Woo's punch. Chun-Woo glances over at Shi-Woon, but is distracted by the arrival of Kang-Sung and Ju Sang-Sik. With representatives from the Elder Council and the Murim Alliance having arrived, So Chun gets ready to leave.

At the same time, Ju Sang-Sik coughs blood due to over-exertion. Meanwhile, Shi-Woon falls to his knees next to the body of Elder Jae-Kyu. At the mention of his name, Elder Kwon coughs and opens his eyes slightly. With his final breath Elder Kwon tells Shi-Woon to take care of the Sunwoo Clan.

With Elder Kwon's death, Ju Sang-Sik flies towards Chun-Woo in a murderous rage. As Kang-Sung moves to stop the fight between Ju Sang-Sik and Chun-Woo, Ki begins to gather around Shi-Woon's body. With a scream he unleashes the Cry of the Phoenix, stunning the onlookers. It appears that Shi-Woon has unlocked the [[Black Origin Threshold].



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Locations Techniques Items
  • Seoul Tower
  • Murim Helicopter

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