Chapter 18
New Waves
NW Chapter 018
Release Date February 20, 2011
Volume 2
Cover S.U.C. graffiti
Pages 22
Chapter 17
Chapter 19

Chapter 18 is the 18th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



Seung-Jae sends Jin-Ie away to get him a canister of gas. Jin-Ie refuses at first but ultimately decides to go, after Shi-Woon offered to go. Seung-Jae then talks with Shi-Woon about his broken Ki center and asks why he still wants to learn martial arts. Shi-Woon answers it is for his match with Ji-Gun Yoo. Seung-Jae is impressed to hear Ji-Gun's name pop up. When Shi-Woon asks him whether he knows Ji-Gun, he asks back, whether Shi-Woon wants to win. He tells Shi-Woon as he is Shi-Woon would be no match for Ji-Gun, but there might be a way, and he would tell him, if he does him a favor.

Later inside the car it is revealed that Jang-Il could not phone the situation to elder Jae-Kyu Kwon and that Shi-Woon refused to do the unnamed favor. Seung-Jae then revealed to Shi-Woon that what Shi-Woon did the last few days was just a way to make Shi-Woon tired and not real martial arts and that elder Jang would probably stop with that since he now knows, that nothing will tire Shi-Woon out. Back in the car Shi-Woon asks whether they shouldn't head back for training with that in mind. Shi-Woon is surprised and disappointed to hear from Jang-Il that he should rest and not train this day. He mutters that Jang-Il had no intention of teaching him real martial arts and that he will get out of the car. Both Jin-Ie and Jang-Il are surprised to hear that. Someone in the car shouts to break immediately. Jang-Il then follows Shi-Woon outside. Ignoring Jang-Il's question where he wants to go he talks about his determination to fight and that this were the reason he listened to him. But Jang-Il didn't turn out as the person he expected to be. He warns Jang-Il to don't take him as a fool and reveals that he knows about the purpose of the actions of the past days.

Jang-Il is surprised about this sudden change of his view on Shi-Woon, he yells at him, that Shi-Woon could die fighting and shudders about the intimidation he receives from Shi-Woon in turn, when Shi-Woon brushes that of, since he was determined to die fighting and had already told him so.

When Shi-Woon asks whether it would be ok for Sun-Woo clan's pride, that the head would back off a match, Jang-Il thinks back to a scene with a former head of the clan. He wanted to have the head back off the fight at the time and was told off that it is the duty off the head to keep the pride and they all have to protect it.

After that thought Jang-Il shudders with anger (which worries Jin-Ie) before bowing and apologizing to Shi-Woon. While bowed he asks Shi-Woon whether he could ever forgive him. Shi-Woon accepts with a smile. Jin-Ie who couldn't understand Jang-Il's thought stares after them in disbelieve.

Later Jin-Ie explains to Gyu-Bum that both of them suddenly made up with each other. That nose ring guy would be researching the birth origin of Ji-Gun. Gyu-Bum says there would be no way to stop the fight because Ji-Gun cut his ties with his martial arts school. Jin-Ie then asks Gyu-Bum whether he heard of S.U.C. before.

At Nine Dragons High School Jang Joonho wonders about a writing on a wall which spells: "Nine Arts Dragon is God". He wonders whether it is the real Nine Arts Dragon and upon hearing the people who wrote that think of themselves as his disciples, whether Shi-Woon is involved with them.



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